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How to Write a London CV

london cv writing

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As familiar as Londoners may be with the CV writing they still sometimes forget the little things. First that you should know is that CV has its value in the facts and details. That’s why even the smallest things can drive the hirer away from your document or make him interested in your personality.

You may try to ask CV writers London companies for assistance, or you can try to write this document on your own. Read more for the do’s and don’ts of the CV London format from the CV writing service UK that knows how to make an effective document.

CV Design

  • CVs are never written by hand these days. So, be sure to print it. Print it on white A4 paper only.
  • Unless you already have a good photograph that depicts your professional side, don’t attach one.
  • The best way to write a London CV is with Times New Roman font in 12th size. Leave the margins wide.
  • Don’t overuse the bold, italics or underlined font. Highlight only relevant and prominent information.
  • Use bullet points for lists.
  • Keep it short and precise. Unless you have plenty of work experience in the field, write a one-page CV. Here are more insights regarding the length of the CV.

CV London format

The CV London format is pretty traditional. However, make sure you use all of the tips below for the CV to be of appropriate structure and layout.

Keep your CV in the conventional order.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Other skills
  • Personal details

When writing a name, put your own name first and your family name next, even if you do otherwise in your native country.

As for the number to contact you, you can put whatever is more convenient, mobile or home number. Write the telephone number starting with the area code in brackets. A London number looks like (020) xxxx xxxx, for instance. Don’t forget to check the voicemail messages or the answering machine, in order not miss an opportunity.

Put your e-mail address next to your telephone number. Always write a follow-up message to the employer’s office to see if they have already viewed your application.

Remember: if you are planning to work in London the UK and want to send your CV to a company, make sure that your document is created in accordance with the UK writing standards. Many people believe that London CV and Europass CV is the same thing, which is wrong.

Employment History

If you look at CV London example online, you will see that the employment section is written in two columns. The left one is used for dates and the right one for previous job titles description.

  • First list the most recent jobs providing the most information about them. Then proceed in the chronological order. Always include the name and location of the company, possibly with a short outline of the company’s field of business.
  • When writing about your job roles validate the credentials with the skills applied at the job position and the duties you have conducted at the previous workplace.
  • Always tailor the CV to the job description. This way you won’t have to come up with a list of cliché skills but provide the information the employer looks for.
  • Do not neglect your achievements and highlight the most significant ones with the action verbs.

Education Section

Since the education system in Britain is different from those of the other countries, mind this fact and write about your education properly.

  • List the schools in reverse-chronological order starting with the most recent. Don’t write about the schools attended before you were 15.
  • List the name of the school or university. Only write formal educational qualifications.
  • When writing the main subject studied, don’t use Americanisms such as “major” or “minor”. Write the full name of the subject to avoid misunderstanding.
  • If you want to provide information about grades, put it in percentage.

In case you graduated recently and need more tips, this article about graduate CV writing is for you!

Other Skills

Whatever skills may be relevant to the target job position should be mentioned in this section, for example, the certificate in English or the international driving license.

Personal Details and Interests

When composing a CV writing London residents may have the advantage but you can also expect an interview if you do everything right.

  • Create two columns, where you write the labels and information.
  • When specifying the date of birth, remember about the British date order, i.e. day, month, year.
  • In case your gender isn’t obvious from the name, elaborate on it. It may be crucial for some companies to hire a man or a woman only.

If you want to include Interests and Hobbies section, write only the ones that will present value to the hirer. The interest and hobbies that you want to write about should highlight your skills possibilities for future professional development.

Once you have a ready resume don’t forget to double check for any spelling or grammar errors. You may want to run your CV through friends or former colleagues for further additions or editing.

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