Privacy Policy of Our Website

Our privacy policy is aimed at providing with a correct understanding of how we use our customers’ personal details. This Privacy Policy together with Terms and Conditions clarify to you the way the information mentioned on the CV writing website will be used.

The Gathered Information

While browsing site, your address and IP address, as well as domain name are registered automatically. Such details as browser type, visit duration, and the pages visited can be also registered although they don’t provide any details for client identification. It is necessary for customers to mention such information as their contact and personal details, credit card information, professional background and current career goals to be provided with requisite online resume writing service. CVPolitan never requests or uses any sensitive information such as religion, race or political preferences.

CVPolitan is willing to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13. That’s why our company doesn’t collect or use any information submitted by individuals, who haven’t reached thirteen. Our website offers no services for people under this age. In case customers, who are under thirteen years old, submitted their personal data on the website, it will be automatically deleted.

Usage of the Gathered Information

We use such information as the type of browser, IP address or duration of visit only for statistical purposes. In general, this information is gathered to help us to:

– React to inquiries from our customers

– Make the necessary services available to our clients

– Offer expert customer support service

Our Company’s policy has the main principle to never disclose any of our clients’ personal information (personal and contact details, payment) to the third parties under any circumstances. Additional details about the customers’ data usage can be found at out terms and conditions page. Every client should look through them before placing an order. We use the client’s credit card number only to process the order. Our company will never share personal information of our customers with any third parties.

Cookie Policy

CV Politan saves relevant information only on protected servers. All gathered data is safe thanks to the advanced security system and well-managed control.

The Company cannot guarantee the absolute safety of the transmitted data. Both the Internet connection and mobile devices can experience online attacks and CV Politan is unable to supervise how each visitor accesses the web. By continuing your use of CV Politan website you automatically agree to take a concomitant risk.

Nonetheless, the Company takes all possible precautionary measures to ensure that all data is protected. Once we receive your data, we guarantee that the Company will use it in your best interest.

Use of Cookies

Nowadays the vast majority of the websites use cookies to track traffic. You need to understand that we need to use cookies in order to classify the computer used, not the customers’ personal details. Cookies help us track the pages user visited and the time he or she spent on the website. The clients may personally set their PC to accept or decline the cookies from different websites. If the clients decline to receive cookies, some services may become unavailable for them.

CV Politan uses cookie files:

– to maintain the work of CV Politan website and its applications;

– to keep the website functional and develop new features that will benefit visitors;

– to improve the individual experience of each customer and ensure they are comfortable with the website settings;

– to store information that can help us share only important content with you.

As any web service CV Politan has the right to work with third parties and implement their programs to improve customer experience. However, these services may use their own cookies and CV Politan has no control over their actions and intentions.

CV Politan, on the other hand, guarantees that the information we collect is not personal.

Disabling Cookies

Every visitor has the right to disable cookie files. This can be done by opening your browser settings on your PC or Mobile Device. CV Politan suggests not performing this action as it may prevent you from the future use of CV Politan website (partially or completely).

If you have any questions regarding our the Cookie Policy of CV Politan, be sure to leave a message on Contact Us page.

Transactions Online

We will ask the customers to place their credit card number once they made a decision to order some of our services. All the payments and transactions online are performed using licensed Secure Sockets Layer protocol. It is reliable and prevents the clients’ credit card details from being stolen or disclosed to any third parties.

Possible Changes to Privacy Policy

CVPolitan Company reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time. That’s why we recommend our clients to check this information on a regular basis to stay informed of any changes. Contact Support Team for any additional information.

Contact Us

In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy or any other sections of our company, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking support button.

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