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Curriculum Vitae Samples Online

Choosing the right CV to emphasize your skills and experiences is significant for every applicant. Find out which sample of curriculum vitae would be the most impressive for you.

A lot of people make the same mistake – they don’t create different samples of CV for every job opening they apply for. Instead, they send out one CV regardless of the job opening or the company. Our CV specialists know this could lead to you losing your chance for an interview invitation.

The more effort applicant puts into tailoring their CV the better. The CV must emphasize and highlight skills that match the employer’s needs, so sometimes it may require employing different CV samples to achieve this.

How it works

Traditional CV

The traditional or chronological CV is often used to match the applicant’s skills and work experience with job requirements. Such CV format samples are organized in reverse chronological order, which means the most recent experience and qualifications are listed first. This type of resume writing helps the recruiters to determine potential candidates. This way you can provide clear work history, qualifications and previous responsibilities that match the job description.
Fresh Approach
Unique Style

Skills-Based CV

The skills-based or functional CV is mostly used in case you have gaps in your work history. Such types of CV writing samples are useful for those who have limited experience. The skills-based sample curriculum vitae allow you to concentrate on the skills you have obtained in different areas of your life.

Academic CV

Academic CVs concentrate on academic achievements and are used when applying for research-based jobs or lecturing. Although there is no strict page limit, it’s better to keep your resume brief and aimed to the role’s requirements, writing each part in reverse chronological order.

Place your research interests, academic achievements and specialist skills on the first page. Make sure that the style of your writing is scholarly and well understood for people outside of the field of your interest. You may include details of your research outcomes, conferences attended, specialist skills, received funding or grants, potential future developments, and professional memberships you have obtained.

Teaching CV

If you want your teaching CV to rise above the others, you should target it to the position you apply for. Emphasize the experience and qualifications you have gained. Include details of your school experience, other teaching experience, relevant voluntary experience, as well as interests connected with teaching.

Bear in mind that local schools and authorities usually ask the job seekers to complete an application form. This way nobody will be able to hide information, which they can do in a well-written CV.

Technical CV for IT Jobs

A technical or IT CV is often used for positions such as IT consultant, web developer, applications developer or software tester. Write an introductory paragraph with your technical experience and expertise and include a heading with key skills.

Don’t try to show all your technical skills at once. First and foremost you should highlight your relevant skills and abilities. More than that, your CV needs to be understood and be readable for non-technical people like HR managers.