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Comprehensive Guide to Career Change CV

career chance cv writing guide

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s quite difficult to create a regular CV, and those who need to write a career change CV can face a real challenge. The majority of people will go through a career change in their lives.

Some of us discover a new dream they want to pursue, while others may want to follow their long-held aspirations. Sometimes a career change can also be the result of logistical or financial reasons.

No matter what reasons drive you to change career, you will definitely need to update your application document before you begin the job searching process. Here are top tips from the best CV writing service on how to get the attention of prospective recruiters and score your dream job.

Fresh Start

If you are going to start a new career in a new industry, it will be reasonable to start with a new resume or CV.

The majority of job hunters make the common mistake and just make a few changes to their regular document before sending it out. And then they are waiting for a phone call from employers for ages.

We recommend you to make a complete overhaul and use this chance to reanalyze your work experience and skills.

Make the First Impression

Taking some time to create a compelling and effective cover letter together with your resume can make a great first impression. You can choose from a variety of cover letter and career change CV template on the Internet and use the opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers.

You may know why your skills and past work experience make you a perfect candidate for the new position, but don’t think employers and HR managers will understand it and make the same connections.

In addition, remember that you will have to compete with candidates who have more relevant qualifications and background, so you should spell out and highlight the experience and skills you’ve acquired from your previous career that make you a great fit for the new job.

Use The New Job Description

It’s significant that you add an opening paragraph on your career change CV. You can use it in order to emphasize connections between the job posting and your previous accomplishments.

Keywords from the job description should be included on your CV as they will help you link the new job requirements with your skills and past experience.

Select a Mixed Format

Recruiters often expect job seekers to submit standard chronological resumes. However, it’s not the right option for career changers.

The best advice, in this case, is to use a functional or skills-based resume as it will have a detailed skills section together with a shorter experience section. Such a “hybrid” CV will help you showcase your transferable skills and conceal the what, who and how of your employment history.

You may want to put all the information about experience and skills on the first page of your CV and leave the chronological work history on the second page. Make sure you know exactly how to write a proper CV.

Emphasize Valuable Non-Work Related Experience

Since your past experience might be unrelated to the new industry you are going to work, any extracurricular activities you mention on your application will be a plus.

You can add any relevant training, volunteering, internships, or education you’ve undertaken. Not only will it emphasize your transferable skills but also your enthusiasm and dedication to the new career ahead.

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