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Highest Paying Jobs in the UK: Who Are You Going to Trust?

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

Source: Unsplash.com

What’s the best opportunity to make enough for a living? Well, you may find the highest paying jobs living in UK even without a degree. All you need to know is the right direction to research. And don’t think, it’s only about IT workers, who earn way above market salary!

The highest paying jobs UK offers, according to the Glassdoor survey, start from Google. It’s considered to be one of the most comfortable companies, which is really caring for employees. Among the top-3 you may find Bain&Company (consulting area) and XPO Logistics, which recently jumped from 28th position in the list.

Make a Decision

Let’s say about first-timers – people, who just finished studying and expect to begin a successful career path. The average annual salary for British starts at £29,000. The highest paying graduate jobs UK citizens may try are:

  • Law – joining commercial firms may bring up to £34,800;
  • Investment industry – some people say, you’ll get upwards of £50,000 per year. But don’t get too excited, because the last statistic shows bankers make about £33,015. Bring your best expertise in economic theory, and you’ll be a miracle worker;
  • Consulting – as said before, companies like Perkuto, LeadMD, and McKinsey. You’ll be required to have an MBA, but you’ll enjoy traveling a lot and £30,957 annually for starters;
  • Energy and oil – about £30, 243 per year with an engineering degree. You can see some of the best jobs in this sector below;
  • IT and telecommunications – well, the price range is big, it’s hard to keep track of everything. As said in the reports, Microsoft and Alfa pay the beginners £30,000, so don’t hope for extortionate salary at least the first year. After proving yourself as the best (that’s who tech companies are aiming to find), you’ll get a larger amount of cash very shortly.

You’ll never work for a big salary without a winning CV. No difference is it a chef CV, or a doctor’s one – include your hard and soft skills, social media links, decent personal statement, and brief employment history to show what contribution you may share.

Technology Sector Closer

Technology Sector

Source: Pexels.com

You’ve heard about IT a lot, but seriously – what are the highest paying IT jobs UK companies have?

  • Cybersecurity expert – find a way to strength the electronic defenses and prevent hacking, and your monthly paycheck may be a huge surprise. Experienced workers earn up to £84,000 annually;
  • Software engineer – a demanding position, which includes creating codes for operating systems; the salary range is £25,000 – £50,000;
  • Project manager – you may set a limit for one company or work part-time and get involved in projects spontaneously; for the first year you’ll get £30,000 – £45,000;
  • Software developer – there’s a need to analyze and be creative, as you’re a key figure in any company; you’re responsible for updating corporate programs and your annual income varies between £32,000 and £80,000;
  • Test analyst – contacting a client and revealing basic needs, you save time by software implementing. The salary range is £37,000 – £57,000.

For years IT has been better, than banking for many people. It involves critical thinking and the ability to create; to solve problems efficiently. So, whenever you wanted to try something new, maybe it’s in the IT sector?

Highest Paying Science Jobs UK Market Got

Highest Paying Science Jobs UK

Source: Pexels.com

As a significant part of STEM, science is not a wasting of time. Here’s what you can set as a professional goal:

  • Microbiology specialist – how do potential £99,000 annually sound for you? Well, not from the very beginning, but the state has a lot of benefits for lab workers;
  • Physicist – there are different subdivisions like thermodynamics or relativity. More and more things left undiscovered, so you may find another opportunity to work for good money; let’s say, £70,000 per year;
  • Pharmacist – not the one selling pills; but the one, who is designing them. You need to have A-levels in biology and chemistry to apply for a Master course, but the average income of qualified specialists is normally £42,000.

What about the highest paying engineering jobs UK offers? We got the best deals to consider:

  • Aeronautical field – the aircraft and spacecraft bring about £50,000 for starters;
  • Civil engineering – no need to say how important this is; when big and small cities need better roads, bridges and sewerage systems, you’ll be just on time to earn for a decent future; the salary is near £47,500 per year;
  • Chemical specialty – you’ll be in touch with many colleagues, as fuel, drugs, even food products need someone to manage the molecular structure. Chemical engineering does not go far from other fields; you’ll be able to earn about £45,000 annually.

The Word for a Retail Industry

Haven’t found anything useful yet? Well, people are not supposed to go straight to something trending at this moment. Anyway, the highest paying retail jobs UK employers have may be a little hope to find something that suits you.

highest paying retail jobs UK

Source: Pexels.com

Let’s overview some most demanding positions or, better to say, companies to work for:

  • John Lewis – one of the 50 stores is located at Terminal 2 in the Heathrow Airport; the company’s clothes are not out of fashion and customers;
  • Lush Cosmetics – when the world goes crazy for organic products, it’s time to join the professionals; Lush Cosmetics will be your next important experience, and maybe next successful career step;
  • IKEA – a truly giant retailer with operations in 43 countries. That’s a point to remember – try to join the companies, who have connections abroad. You’ll get awesome experience and partners.

So much information to proceed, but what matters – don’t give up. Any position you’ll apply for may lead to a great story and a big breakthrough in your life. Just refresh a CV and you’ll be good to go!

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