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Speculative Cover Letter Writing Ideas and Tricks

speculative cover letter writingSad to say, recruiters do not advertise every vacancy online. If your ideal position is not on offer, don’t worry. We will propose a perfect way to distinguish yourself from other candidates and get the job of your dreams: a speculative cover letter.

What Is a Speculative Cover Letter?

A speculative application cover letter is the one sent together with the CV when applying to a company that temporarily is not looking for new staff. This letter is not targeted at a definite position. But do not mistake the application letter for a cover letter.

Speculative cover letter examples are mostly tailored to the company. They should sell all of your skills and experience to make you the best candidate if a potential vacancy appears. The next paragraph will tell you how to write a speculative cover letter.

Rules of Writing a Speculative Application

The information to put will depend on the desired position and which career path you are on.

Yet, speculative cover letter template does exist, and we will describe it to you step by step.

  1. How to start a speculative cover letter? Begin with your personal information as usual. It is prohibited to include your insurance number or credit card details.
  2. Include the name of a manager (if you know it).
  3. Continue with the phrase “Dear Sir/Madam”.
  4. The first paragraph should inform on what position you are searching, and why you would like to become a part of this company.
  5. The second one should depict your background and all the applicable skills and experience.
  6. The closing paragraph is made for summing up why you are a perfect candidate for the given company and what benefits they will get from you.
  7. Thank recruiters for the time they devoted to your speculative CV cover letter.

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Why Sending a Cover Letter Speculative?

The available roles of the companies are not always advertised. There are many reasons for this:

  • they have just appeared,
  • they first wait for internal candidates,
  • there are simply no positions to propose.

Yet, when writing a speculative cover letter and sending it to your potential employer, you demonstrate that you are an active person who wants to climb up the career ladder. Even if the suitable positions are not currently available, you will be front-of-mind when something suitable appears.

The Difference Between a Speculative Cover Letter and CV

As a rule, CVs are professional, rigid and impersonal. On the contrary, cover letter helps you write a rapport with the reader and prove you are the best candidate in a more engaging manner.

If you don’t know what exact vacancy you are applying for, you have to try harder to distinguish from others. Consider the reputable cover letter writing service or take a look at speculative cover letter example to check how it should look like.

speculative cover letter example online

What to Mention about Yourself?

To be speculative, keep your options open, don’t put the focus on one definite qualification or skill. In this case, it is more important to demonstrate you are an all-around man than being a specialist.

The basic information, such as writing that you are a second-jobber looking for progress in your career, can be useful. It can show you are an ambitious person.

How to make your cover letter layout look professional? Consider the tips from our experts.

Don’t think that you will get a new job once you send the cover letter. Don’t hesitate to call the contacting person, it can increase your chances for success.

How Long Should It Be?

A typical speculative cover letter sample is not longer than an A4 page. It should fulfill the main task: explain why you are a perfect potential candidate and why you are the best choice for this position. It shouldn’t be a long poem.

Should you read information about the company beforehand?

Let’s confess. Recruiters like flattery. When describing why you are a perfect candidate, even if you are not aware of available roles, you show that you can become a part of the company culture.

A couple of thoroughly researched facts mentioned in your speculative job application cover letter will help you a lot. They will show that you are dedicated to the company before having joined it.

How to Send the Application?

First of all, look for the necessary person to send it to (an HR manager, a recruiter, etc.)

It will be perfect if you find their email address. General address is also an option, but it can be lost among other emails – ensure that its subject line stands out in the sea of other emails.

What’s Next?

Now the only thing you can do is wait.

As a rule, a company should contact you to inform whether they currently have available positions. Yet, it can take some time to get this answer.

You can also contact a recruiter a couple of weeks after sending it. It would be a perfect chance to check whether they got your speculative cover letter and CV as well as to get feedback from them.

Note that the speculative cover letter will not always work. But it’s better to try than not to try.

What have you got to lose?

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