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CV Layout: How to Choose the Best One?

layout of a CV

It can be challenging to choose the best CV layout especially if you can’t boast of having a lot of work experience. However, a presentable and well-built CV can increase your chance of persuading the prospective employers that you are the best fit for their company. Therefore, you need to select a professional CV layout that will emphasize your abilities, experience and demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate.

When creating a CV you need to select the words very carefully and define in what CV sections to put them. This way the recruiters will easier notice key information about you. Here is how to layout a CV so that it becomes your self-marketing tool.

How to Create a Persuasive CV Layout UK

You may already know that your CV layout should consist of no more than two pages. In some cases, you may make it up to three pages maximum. A small trick for those who can’t fit all the relevant information into two pages is to tailor the margins.

Writing a cover letter for CV can be an additional bonus and make your application outshine the competition in the eyes of potential recruiters. It’s a great opportunity to highlight your key strengths and skills that make you stand out.

An easy to read fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial, will make the layout of a CV even more attractive and presentable. Remember to use big headings in order to separate every section of your application document. It is optional to use a different font for your headings, but make sure it is readable too.

Decide on a Good CV Layout

For some job hunters the question of choosing the perfect CV layout can be too difficult, so they prefer to turn to professional CV writing companies where an experienced CV writer will build their compelling document.

Also, searching on the Internet may help you decide how you want to structure your resume and make a good impression in prospective recruiters.

Do your own research and look at various examples, such as the structure of a basic CV layout or a student CV layout before you make the decision. Don’t be afraid to experiment with several designs and layouts until you develop the one that best suits your needs. Customize the format of your document and be creative so that you create an interesting and compelling marketing document that is easy to follow.

Save Space in Your Document

If you are a recent college graduate with little or no work experience, then your graduate CV layout may not be that long. But for other job applicants who have something to say, we recommend using special techniques that will help you save space in the document and make it up to two pages long. For instance, you need to prioritize information you are willing to include in the document. Mention only relevant and important data that can be crucial when choosing the best candidate. Such topics as interests and hobbies must be excluded as you will be able to talk more about your relevant hobbies during the job interview.

What to include in your graduate CV? Check for the expert tips here.

Also, avoid repetition and make sure you proofread the whole document after you’ve designed it. Don’t use a certain keyword in every sentence trying to win HR manager’s attention. If you still can’t fit all the data into one or two pages, consider changing the line spacing settings from double to single space.

In other words, it’s not hard to build a CV layout but creating a perfect CV layout tailored for your job search needs may take some time and effort.

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