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Graphic Designer CV Writing Insights

graphic designer CV

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Now that most businesses involve visual elements in their job, almost every company needs graphic designers – people, who specialize in both technology and art. It goes without saying that when it comes to writing a graphic designer CV, CV writing specialists recommend: stay away from a standard format and turn your creativity to the maximum.

If you want any recruiter to say “wow” from the first glance at your designer CV, here are some dos and don’ts to help you turn a regular document into a unique and an eye-catching one.

Things You DO:

  • Because your job is directly related to a computer design, it’s highly recommended to demonstrate graphic design skills. Brand your CV – this is what makes a distinctive and memorable document. But keep the golden mean and don’t overdo with visuals and after all, this is a job application document;
  • Use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or at least Photoshop instead of MC Word when writing a web designer CV – this word processor doesn’t have enough tools for a professional design;
  • Always save your CV in a PDF format. This way you won’t have issues with the wrong position of text, wrong fonts etc.;
  • Write your contacts, including your social media profiles and a link to your online portfolio. Employers often check their applicants through social media so giving them the right profile names will never make it worse;
  • Look at some CV samples on the Internet. However, do not copy the template completely because there is a great risk your employer already saw a similar CV for several times;
  • Make your headlines flashy but still up to the point;
  • Experiment with colors in your CV to highlight your headlines or separate paragraphs from each other.

Remember to update your CV on a regular basis. Most likely, you will be updating skills from to time in order to follow current demands in the graphic design industry. Therefore, as you learn something new, complete a new course or training – don’t forget to include that in your CV. This rule implies to all the document for successful job search, and retail CV is not an exception. Whether you have a job or looking for a new career – do not forget to refresh the information in your documents from time to time.

Things You DO NOT Do

Even though you are writing a Curriculum Vitae, there is no need to include irrelevant work experience or information. When recruiters look for graphic designers, they don’t care about things that have no relation to design skills or software knowledge and also try to avoid the following Don’ts:

  • Do not send your CV in an MC Word format unless it is a job posting requirement;
  • Do not experiment with the paper size. If your employer prints the copy of your CV on a standard paper sheet, some of the information can be cropped;
  • Do not include your GPA. Your grades are the last thing your recruiter would want to know. Usually, they look for skillful graphic designers with at least some practical work experience and not a straight A+ student;
  • Do not forget to give all of your social media profiles a professional look. After all, if you work in the design industry, they have to look aesthetic and somewhat unique;
  • Do not postpone writing your CV! The sooner you start, the more time you will have to improve and build the better document.

Do not underestimate the importance of CV for the graphic designer position. Perhaps, portfolios have a greater value than a CV, but the last one determines if an HR manager would like to view the portfolio or not. These Dos and Don’ts are the key recommendations to be successful at writing an interior designer CV, UX designer CV, fashion designer CV etc.

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