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How Long Should Your CV Be

how long is cv

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As an embodiment of your professional image and a guarantee of your future success, your CV must be perfectly composed. Everything to the last detail has its impact on your image before the hiring manager.

Facts and numbers are valued in the CV. This means the CV has to be precise and short. If you were wondering how many pages should a CV be, review the following tips brought to you by the professional CV writing service UK.

Conduct a Research 

Remember that you are writing a working document, not the memoirs. The quantity doesn’t always equal quality.

To be on the safe side, always study the requirements under job description with precision. In most cases, the hirer will identify the number of CV pages they are looking for. Provided there are no strict instructions on the topic, the length of CV is two pages tops.

Sometimes even a one-page CV can give you more chances of getting the job than a CV with copies of certificates included.

Don’t be Carried Away

You don’t want to ramble on the CV. The hirer doesn’t need to know about the Math competition award in the sixth grade. However, if some of your achievements validate your credentials you should definitely put them in the document.

Attention to details directly reflects the level of your professionalism. In addition, employers are often impressed by numbers. For example, retailers and shopkeepers could indicate by what percent they have increased the sales and how much profit it brought in their retail CV.

Learn to be concise. People can write much shorter and more expressive than they think. Employees easily put too much into their writing. A long speech is not always the result of verbosity of the speaker, but very often it is the result of insufficient preparation.

Learn the Specifications

In a nutshell, the ultimate length of the CV should be either one or two pages. Although, mind how much experience you have. Doing research and finding out how many pages CV should hold for your prospective job will give you the head start over other applicants.

  • One-page CV should do the trick for a recent graduate.
  • A medical CV containing multiple qualifications and experience must provide details in no less than three pages.
  • For most jobs, a standard CV is two A4 sides and one A4 for a cover letter for CV.

Avoid Common Mistakes

cv writing

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Everything you have to say for yourself can be reported on one page. Failing to do so? A two-page CV will be also well received by some companies. On the contrary, one-and-half-page CV will be considered lacking brevity, amateur and unfinished.

Have you completed your resume? Look at it closely again and take these steps to make it shorter.

  • Delete the parts with irrelevant information. Rewrite some of the sentences to make them more precise.
  • Avoid clichés in the resume. Hiring managers aren’t looking for excellent team players or communicators anymore.
  • Rethink the enclosed Objectives section.
  • Put your Interests and Activities in the Other Details section. Describe only the interests concerning your future job title.
  • List the previously occupied positions in the short summary. Include only the job titles and duties descriptions relevant to the targeted job vacancy.
  • Don’t overdo the resume by including a huge list of your skills. Describe only the skills that are necessary to do the future job or transferable skills that could fall into the future field of expertise.
  • Consider changing the design and page layout to list information more precisely.
  • Always edit, rewrite and perfect your resume to the point when it fits the requirements.

And do not forget to attach the document to your email CV – some job seekers do such a mistake.

In Reality

Keep in mind that there is no exact answer to the perfect length of the CV. Nevertheless, when thinking about how many pages should a CV be UK experts would also say that trying to keep it close to two pages will be the ironclad guarantee for success. If you want your CV to catch attention in just 10 seconds, put all the sufficient information at the top and make it worth reading.

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