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How to Write a Cover Letter Like a Pro

how to write cover letters

Knowing how to write a cover letter is an essential part of the job searching process these days. It not only can market your abilities to potential employers but also persuade them to call you for a job interview.

Many job hunters underestimate the importance of creating a cover letter for CV or suggest it is just a duplicate of the primary application document. Let’s get some insight and find out how to write a cover letter UK so that it impresses the HR managers and helps you outshine the rest of the competitors.

Basics of How to Write a Good Cover Letter

Let’s get it clear: a cover letter does not duplicate the CV or any other application documents. It is a separate document that is aimed at marketing your application and giving a personal introduction about the candidate.

According to CareerBuilder, 45 percent of recruiters surveyed in 2016 mentioned that the absence of cover letter within the application documents was the reason for rejecting a candidate. Furthermore, Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report in 2016 stated that cover letter was in top three things employers are looking for on a resume (26 percent of employers).

How to write a cover letter for a job and why is it so necessary?

This is the main question we will be talking about today. This document gives an applicant a chance to tell prospective recruiters why he or she is the perfect candidate for the position by emphasizing their relevant work experience and skills. So, keeping in mind the position you are applying for is important when learning how to write a cover letter for retail or any other industry.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

how to write a great cover letter

  • Do Your Own Research

The first thing you need to do before you start crafting this type of paper is to do your research about the company you are willing to join. Try to find all the necessary information which you can use in your document.

How to write a speculative cover letter for a particular organization? Find out what the organization does and who their target audience is. Also, search about the important skills they are looking for in a perfect candidate and what does the position involve.

You will need this information to tailor your paper to the needs of this particular company and what they are willing to see in their new employee. You may know how to write a great cover letter but tailoring it to the style of the organization will truly demonstrate your interest and desire to join their team. If you feel that you can’t manage the task, think about the professional help from the cover letter writing service in the UK.

  • Address Your Document

The second important step in trying to grasp the idea of how to write a good cover letter UK is choosing the correct way to address your document.

If you address it to the right person you will have more chances to get a reply. If a contact name wasn’t included in the job description, take some time and search for the HR manager’s name using the company’s website.

  • Select the Best Format

Many hunters are struggling to find the right answer on how to write a cover letter for an internship and what format is the best.

No matter how much work experience you have, your application document needs to be concise, well-presented and contain relevant information. A cover letter cannot be combined with word art, Comic Sans font, or pictures.

Don’t make your document too long or too short. The ideal format is to use half to a full A4 page and use clear paragraphs.

professional cover letter

How to Write a General Cover Letter and Make It Impressive

Recruiters receive multiple applications every day, so making a lasting impression with your cover letter is essential for job seekers who want to outshine the competition. We’ve studied the top tips from career experts on how to write a legal cover letter and here is the list of what you should do:

  • Be concise
  • Apply to the right person
  • Reread and proofread
  • Choose the best format
  • Add a few examples

You may learn how to write a cover letter yourself or hire an expert writer to perform this task. Whatever way is the best for you, remember that this document is equally important as your CV, so make sure you include it in your application.

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