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How to Craft an Undergraduate CV to Get a Dreamed Job?

Undergraduate CV

Those students starting their career before their graduation need to learn how to write a CV for undergraduate students. Young people are usually lacking work experience. Chances to succeed in a job search are still high. In CV, there should be no mention concerning personal life, parents, financial difficulties and so on. So, what should be included in the CV? Here, we are going to share some tips and advice on ways of crafting a killing undergraduate student CV.

The truth is a student CV may not feature as many sections as a traditional CV. This is why most recruiters are ready that student CVs are not as extensive as experienced professionals’ CVs. Nonetheless, it has to be competitive, presentable and concise. In this article, you will find an undergraduate student CV example to use in order to make crafting your CV a little easier for you. In case, you are facing any problems, feel free to ask for some help from professional CV writers.

It is obvious that some sections will probably not be filled out. For instance, if you have never received any awards or any lecturer agreed to be your referee, you cannot provide an employee with such information.

So, these sections will simply be omitted. As for formatting, it may vary depending on the type of application. Be sure to learn a few undergraduate student CV examples before you choose a suitable format that suits your CV the best. So, let’s take a closer look at the elements of the traditional undergraduate CV.

Whether it is a temporary job, volunteering, fellowship, grant, research job, summer internship, make sure you tweak your CV to a particular position. When crafting a CV for university application undergraduate, bear in mind that its length should not exceed two pages. Unlike a resume, a CV must be a more comprehensive explanation of the undergraduate’s accomplishments.

Personal Information

Basic info is placed at the top of an undergraduate CV example. A header, another name of the initial section, is always very concise and written with the smallest font size. A CV header includes student’s personal and contact info like name and surname, address, e-mail, phone number and other. It goes without saying that these details are of great importance, so they must be carefully checked to avoid any possible typos and mistakes.

Remember that your email address by no means is expected to sound funny, for example, [email protected] Be little more serious, for instance, [email protected] If you are making the first attempt to craft a decent student CV, keep in mind that this section is not designed for providing details about your career aims.

Sharing some interesting thoughts to your recruiter, put this info in the cover letter which is the right place where you can reveal details about what you want to be in the company that will possibly give you a job.

Undergraduate CV


In the Education section, a student is asked to talk about what he is exactly doing. Remember to list the latest qualifications at the beginning of the section. Education info may consist of the main subject grades and General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Education student cv

Work Experience

Given the fact that most of the undergraduates have no employment history, it will not come before the education section. It can be either omitted or shortened to part-time or temporary jobs. Feel free to apply various CV ideas to your CV because there are no rigorous requirements on how it should look like or which sections exactly include.

It is advisable to tailor a CV to a particular position including only the most relevant working experience to your career path. Make sure to check an undergraduate CV template to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for the position.

Work Experience


This is where all the kinds of skills a student earned at the college or university must be included. The skills can be divided into knowledge-based, transferable skills and personal traits/attitudes.

Undergraduate CV skills

Volunteer Activities

Volunteering is a part of your CV that shows you as a person committed to some idea. Whether this activity is discipline-related or not, you can list all the organizations you volunteered for.

Volunteer Activities


Including one or a few references on an undergraduate CV may be a great way to increase your chances of getting hired. At least, one of them must be written by an academic person, for instance, a lecturer. Instead of omitting this section, in case, you have no one to be your referee at the moment, a phrase “References are available upon request”.

References student CV


Writing a CV may be a bit challenging for an undergraduate. As a rule, undergraduates may be lacking working experience which makes a CV more comprehensive. For this reason, the CV format does not imply any mandatory sections to include on it. There can be accentuated education, voluntary activities, skills and so on.

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