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Basic Job Search Checklist from CVPolitan

Did you know that with a help of necessary strategy, tools and resources you can speed up the job search process in times? Here is an easy guide from a professional CV writing company that demonstrates 7 essential steps of job-hunting that make it successful and effective, so make sure you follow each of the stages correspondingly.

job search essentials

1. Create a Good Resume & Cover Letter

One of the key elements of your job search is definitely a job application. There exist many requirements to your resume and cover letter writing. They have to be tailored in the way that they would highlight your professionalism in the particular job field. Think as if you’re selling yourself to the employer and focus on most valuable skills, work experience, and education.

2. Update a Linkedin Profile

95% of employers stalk their potential candidates online before having them in. The first place they would go on is their LinkedIn profile. Therefore, if you’re the one looking for a great job opportunity, creating a LinkedIn profile is a matter of necessity. First, it creates visibility and second, it also works as your “online” resume which is useful when employers will be searching for you on LinkedIn itself

3. Test Drive Your CV

Try to ask friends to review your resume and see what they say. Then, send the one to your first employer and if things don’t work out, try to identify the possible issues in your application.

4. Do a Bit of Networking

Around 80% of jobs are found by people through networking! Don’t hesitate your chances: reach out to your friends through e-mails or social media, ask your colleagues for some advice. Most importantly, specify your goals and don’t be afraid.

5. Send CV Actively

Select your target companies and after following all of the job posting instructions start with sending your applications to multiple employers. Make sure your resume works for you! Don’t forget your cover letter, but never include documents you were not asked for.

6. Get Ready for an Interview

Remember to take a copy of your application documents. Don’t forget to dress up appropriately – looking professional is very important, although, don’t overdo with that. Stay in a positive mood and try to hide your worry if you have one.

7. Wait for Results!

Don’t get upset to receive denials – most of the people get refusals from their first tries. Just stay positive, make improvements and you will certainly land in the best position you had been looking for so long.

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