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How to Choose Among Basic CV Templates

basic cv template CV writing is a tedious, complicated and burdensome process. That’s why sometimes it may be considered to just use a ready-made CV template, fill in your own information and start sending out job applications. The question is: how to choose the one to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in the most advantageous way.

Let’s look at how one can use a CV template to get the desired job interview.

The good news is that there are several possible basic CV templates formats available: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages. Choose whatever easier to work with, but make sure the ATS checker can recognize the format.

Also, don’t limit yourself to just basic CV templates Microsoft Word online. Look for various CV formats, like infographics CV, a leaflet CV, even a Lego character CV.

Checklist to Choose the Appropriate CV Template

When browsing the CV samples and basic CV templates UK available online, make sure to consider the following:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What are the company’s policy and culture?
  • Does the job imply special skills that the CV format can demonstrate?
  • Does the CV template format reflect your personal self?

Having figured out the purpose of the CV and the employer’s requirements, you’ll be able to define the CV format (a designer-creative or an executive-formal).

Possible CV Templates

According to the job industry of your interest, choose the CV template from the following:

  1. professional cv sampleTraditional CV template. Job seekers looking for employment in corporate companies or governmental jobs choose a traditional CV template. It may lack color and design but looks clean and professional.
  1. Modern CV template. Add a splash of color and cool graphics to a traditional CV template and you’ve got yourself a non-boring CV that shows forward-mindedness and openness to new experiences. This is an example of a basic CV templates retail employees could use.
  1. Creative CV template. Creative CV templates are often chosen by designers, artists, musicians, etc. Here you can use all of the tools to express your competence and personal traits. Utilize the graphics and infographics, designs and various fonts, charts, and colors to make the CV stand-out.  Mind the audience, though.

Creative CVs may be perfect basic CV templates for teenagers applying to Facebook. But a reputable executive seeking a position in a conglomerate would fail with this CV template.

Consider the Content

While a reverse-chronological order is a must for all CV formats, the information you put in the CV may vary according to your career objectives. The CV section’s order varies according to the applicant.

  • Reviewing the basic CV templates student would see that education and achievements are given the biggest attention since this is what they are accessed for.
  • The basic CV templates for 16-year-olds should fit around the applicant’s education and career objectives. While 16 is still a traditional age for leaving school, the applicants this age are recommended to stay in education and gain some skills.

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The Perfect CV Template Points

When deciding on the CV template to exploit, be sure to it has:

  • Clearly labeled headings.
  • Logical information order.
  • Easily readable copy on a distinct background.
  • A point size large enough that doesn’t make you squint.

Remember though, that whatever basic English CV templates you choose to use, you need to make it unique instead. The chances of you and your competitors using the same CV template are extremely high. So, at least make sure your CV is of proper format, size, and content to score you that job interview.

If you have created a CV based on the template, but still not sure whether it is properly structured, consider the service of the online CV editor to check the document.

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