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Creative CV: Remember the Purpose to Succeed

The search for a work in the creative field is a complicated and tedious process. In order to find a job that meets your needs and creative ambitions, it is important to make sure that you have done the best creative professional CV that you could. For this, you should take into account the specifics of the field of professional interest, and adhere to the basic rules of writing a CV for job application that is relevant to any field.

Keep reading to learn the most effective tips on how to make a creative CV suggested by the expert CV writing service.

Features of Creative CV

The main feature of creative CV is obviously that you present yourself and at the same time show your professional skills. It helps to stand out among many other candidates and make the recruiter stop his choice on you. It is important not to overdo it and make sure that your CV corresponds to the position you are applying for and the company itself.

For example, creative CV for an advertising company for the position of the designer will be more than appropriate, but if you want to get there a post of secretary more standard job application will work for you.

The Main Types of CV for Creative Work

The very concept of creativity has no boundaries and can not be classified, but it is possible to distinguish these basic types of creative CV ideas:

  • Portfolio Taster CV. This is a document in the traditional format by adding examples of the applicant’s works. For example, the graphic designer CV, which includes the key or most profitable projects he had. It may be really interesting to the recruiter to read the information about job experience and see the examples of it.
  • Video CV. This type of job application the most relevant for the advertising sphere or something that is directly related to visualization in the video format. But even if it is not so and you have a good idea for a short video CV, then you can do it. Why not? Use CV introduction to highlight that information that you didn’t cover in the video.
  • The infographic CV. This is a good option to introduce yourself to a recruiter in a quick and interesting way. This kind of job application can be used in for any kind of job visualization is an important part of work. Even creative fashion CV in this format can be appropriate if you know exactly which information the employer wants to know about you and how to turn it into infographics. An accurate understanding of the situation and the specifics of the role you are applying for is critically important.
  • Multimedia CV. It is a good option for 2D designers or any person who has a lot of examples of his work that he wants to present to the recruiter. To do this you can create a blog or an online portfolio. For example, creative architecture CV will include the most powerful projects and the recruiter can see the achievements of the candidate. This is very convenient since a lot of employers are now hiring online and they prefer looking through online pages instead of tones of physical ones. Before you provide the recruiter with a link to your resume, make sure that the format and content of it fit the company and position you are applying to.

Online vs. paper resume? Learn which one suits you the best!

How to Write a Creative CV

No matter which format you choose for your job application, there are rules respecting which is a must for everyone. We have gathered for you top tips from professional CV editor online, observing which you can create a powerful document:

  • Content is the King

Do not forget that the content of the CV is one of the most important things that you need to pay attention to. Before getting started, think about what is important for the position you want and what the recruiter is waiting from the perfect candidate. For this make a research to get acquainted with the description of the work and the information about the company.

  • Creative CV Layout

The content of the application for a job is important, however, with a bad presentation, it is likely that it will not be read by anyone at all. So; creative CV design is the same important; since it represents you as a professional. Recruiters often take a few seconds to decide whether to read the job applications or not, so it should attract the eye from the very first seconds.

Readability and Editing

When composing a CV, make sure that it is easy to read and understand. For this choose a reader-friendly font and its’ size. Also; make sure that you have corrected all possible errors because only one grammatical mistake can spoil the impression of you and you will never get an invitation to an interview.

It may be weird that in creative CV design is not the most important thing. Together with the appearance of the job application make sure that your resume corresponds to the company and the desired position. Relevance and talent is your key to success.

Also, pay attention to the steps of CV formatting to make your CV even more effective!

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