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Does Curriculum Vitae Format Matter?

curriculum vitae English format

A request to send a CV can astonish not only students that apply for the job for the first time but also people with working experience that used to deal with resumes.

CV or Curriculum Vitae sounds overly sophisticated until you find out that in Latin it’s only “life course” and actually just a more comprehensive form of a resume.

While in the USA it remains a form that submitted mostly for careers in science, in the Old World so-called European curriculum vitae format is common for job applications in various scopes.

Such submission form is more valued by employers since it gives them a better glimpse on a personality they consider as a candidate for a certain position. From applicants, in the opposite, it requires additional efforts to compound and polish it so it will become a ticket to the desired career destination.

Curriculum Vitae UK Format Features

format curriculum vitae UK

CVs have a couple of additional sections that are typically not included in resumes. They contain more detailed information about work and other living experience including publications, awards, certification, memberships in volunteer or professional organizations, interests and hobbies.

Luckily you don’t have to fit all this stuff in a one-page format. But the content still should be well-structured and formatted so it’d be easy to read. Some companies get thousands of applications every day and their HR departments don’t have time for somekind of school essay about yourself.

If you’ve never composed the document before, you should better rely on some curriculum vitae sample format of which will provide you with a framework you should fill out.

Various curriculum vitae types, nevertheless, contain common fundamental CV sections presented in the following order:

  1. Contact information. Here you mention the basic data: name and surname, address, telephone, cell phone, and e-mail. You should be careful with its spelling to ensure that a potential employer will be able to contact you. Do also a background check of the company you’ll provide this info to avoid its misuse.
  2. Personal information (optional). Facts like gender, marital status, date, and place of birth, citizenship, visa status, etc. you can be also asked to provide. It’s not obligatory unless it’s specified. Such requirements may appear if you apply for a job abroad or for positions with a comprehensive background check.
  3. Working experience. In this section, you should list details and dates of your employment including academic and training periods. You can modify it considering the job you’re applying for. The goal is to show that you can act efficiently in the offered conditions and not that you’re a restless worker. 
  4. Education. Specify what educational institutions you can call your alma mater starting with high school (for some countries). Include periods, degrees, majors and certificates. On some occasions, you can include dissertation information and research experience.
  5. Qualification. If you have gone through additional training to widen your range of skills you can mention these efforts for your development. List only the ones you’ve completed and your probable workplace will benefit from. For overseas jobs, you might be obligated to provide certificates that prove the level of the local language.

A curriculum vitae English format should also include useful skills, extra activities, and interests. Optionally, it may also contain publications, presentations, memberships – anything that can present you as a versatile personality and a professional. Keep in mind that you can edit CV online with the help of the professionals to make sure that it looks perfect.

Finishing Touches for Your CV

Ensure that you have presented the product of your brainstorm on your PC screen. Do you see a real person behind the words? Sure, a CV is only the first part of the battle for a job title, but theinitial impression should be memorable and persuasive.

Don’t rush to print your curriculum vitae format PDF that is the best option for a document with a complex framework. Reviews and revisions aren’t just for academic writing. When you see an occasional typo or one-time misspelling an employer will see a lack of concentration, reliability or knowledge.

Finally, if you’re uncertain what words to describe yourself in a CV, according to your employer, you can go through content on the official website in the Career section or contact the HR department for further details.

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