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Electrician CV: Where to Start?

electrician professional cv

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The construction industry needs first-class professionals, so the demand from specialists is high. You need to create a compelling and persuasive electrician CV in order to make your job searching process successful. Don’t miss the chance to land a decent job as the rising demand for alternative energy sources brings a higher rate of job growth for electricians and other workers. According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for electricians is expected to be 9% between 2016 and 2026. The average salary for this job was $54,110 in 2017. So, here is what you need to know about crafting an impressive CV for the electrician.

CV Electrician Profile

Having a professionally-written application document can make it so much easier to find work as an electrician. Make sure you start your electrician CV template with a short statement that emphasizes your major qualifications, key strengths, and work experience. Such a short profile at the top of the page will demonstrate to HR managers that you want to make a great first impression and have something to tell. Every recruiter wants to hire people who are able to present and market themselves to clients.

You can make one electrician CV sample profile and use it for multiple job applications. However, if you want to be even more attractive and grab the attention of potential employers, it pays to write a separate profile for every job opening you apply for. Don’t worry, it is an easy deal. Just create one main CV and after that use CV editor online to make a unique one for each job. This way your electrician CV template UK will target every potential company and position. The best way to learn what to include in this part is to look through the job description for each position and note the most important things.

Skills Section for Electrician CV UK

Recruiters seek particular skills set in a potential candidate for every job opening. The skills and abilities vary based on the company and the position itself. Remember to include the skills mentioned in the job announcement, so you’re application document will survive the tracking system check and land in the hands of the hiring manager. A persuasive electrician CV example should include technical, logical, physical and interpersonal skills. Let’s have a close look at each of these skill sets.

Technical skills are considered to be among the most significant skills for electricians. Make sure you mention your commercial experience, conducting systems tests, construction experience, industrial experience, knowledge of local electrical codes, electrical schematics, and installations, etc.

Logical skills (such as accuracy, critical thinking, detail orientation, and decision making) mean you can diagnose and plan the maintenance and installation of electrical systems. Your interpersonal skills should include following directions, collaborating with people, adaptability, verbal skills, teamwork, and time management. These skills are also important as electricians will not always work alone, they should also know how to be a part of the team and communicate effectively with clients and other workers. You should also choose the right keywords to write in your CV.

Mention Your Physical Strengths

Electrician CV examples available online often include a list of physical strengths. Electricians, as well as other trades, need to mention their physical stamina, strength, balance on their application document as their work requires good health and the ability to work in cramped spaces. You may want to include such strengths as manual dexterity, lifting heavy systems, ability to work from scaffolds and ladders, using various power tools, etc.

Career History

Moreover, don’t forget about your work experience section and use electrician CV templates free online to get a better idea of what to mention in this part. Present your work history starting from the most recent job. Include the dates and the position you’ve had in each company. Explain your duties and professional accomplishments. Remember that your application document is a self-marketing paper, so think about the information that may help you stand out.

Follow these tips to create your own impressive electrician CV and outshine the rest of the competition.

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