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Is It Possible to Get Jobs at Google in UK

Get Jobs at Google

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Just imagine – how is it to work in a well-known company with its unique philosophy and continuous innovations? People use Google; trust it and can’t live without browsing. A big benefit is – it’s available for all ages. Combining the services with tons of information, Google became a trustful messenger, supposed to deal with all your requests.

They normally have a few positions open and it’s not like they hide this information. When a company needs a product manager or content strategist, they tell about it. Feels like Google in the UK is not exclusion, publishing a range of open jobs every time. The question is only – how to get it? Don’t be disappointed. It’s not a miracle to start working at this corporation. You only have to be focused on some specific details to reach your goal.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Interview?

The process is pretty simple: you apply, go through a conversation and get a result. You’re not supposed to have a degree in computer science, by the way. All the company wants – strong skills right here and right now.

So, how to stand out at an international company? Read the tips below:

google uk jobs

Source: Pexels.com

#1 Be into your dream. It means you should get to know Google as much as you can. People, who got jobs here, were not some strangers from the UK.

They were exactly like you, except they shared all those intangible attributes, like passion, entrepreneurship, persistence, etc. It’s the main mission, you can’t pass through it. You may think it’s not a real word, but people call it “Googleyness”.

#2 Write a speculative cover letter. Since it’s a short piece an HR reads before a CV, add some intrigue to it. And – bonus – it increases your chances, even if the company doesn’t look for this kind of specialist.

So, your cover letter may avoid being lost among hundreds of applicants. Be curious; ask about the positions and prove you can do it. Research Google deeply; imagine you already work there and think about the main values people share. It goes with “What you have to lose?” rule, so don’t be afraid to get refuse. Or, maybe, a job!

#3 Examples, examples, and … jokes! Yes, a great sense of humor is what they need from everyone. Don’t repeat a theory; make a home rehearsal before an interview and try to provide practical tools on different topics. You’re expected to be well-oriented in many fields.

#4 Being a graduate is not bad; it’s an opportunity for UK Google, so look for available jobs and write a CV. Being founded by students, the company wants to work with young people, who have divergent thinking and a competitive spirit.

When you’re open-minded, ready to support a team, you can become a Noogle too (that’s how they call new hires). Other workers must be really important to you and expressing leadership in Google is kind of different, than anywhere else. Good to know before is that your job won’t be about decisions, but about contributing to your team’s success.

Using Google for Jobs in the UK

A good way to find a job is a LinkedIn page. Don’t you have it yet? LinkedIn profile writers will complete your page in the best way. If you are looking for something modern you should explore the brand-new search engine.

It’s pretty simple in use. A few minutes are enough to set filters and start looking. Don’t worry about missing something – Google for Jobs has optimized even the social media to provide you with all open positions.

As any Google product, it is simple and affordable. The only thing you need to do is putting a location in settings. Then just wait for information from other websites to be updated for your current region.

Google for Jobs in the UK

Source: Pexels.com

How to Use It Properly?

  • Try advanced search options – choose a category or even date the job appeared online;
  • Payment report – even if there’s no information in a concrete listing, Google for jobs provides average information around the UK, according to Glassdoor, Paysa, etc.
  • Job place rating – what’s great about the service is you get all needed statistics. No one is going to be fooled by a nice job description; every organization can be evaluated before sending documents;
  • Save the chosen jobs with your Google account – so, later you can be back to check the information; you may try different options in the UK looking for a job and you’re not supposed to submit a CV right now, so just leave it for later.

Catch every opportunity to upgrade your life. If you hate your job or simply want to change your life significantly just start. With so many options you’ll not miss a good position, being among the first candidates every time. Save your time with Google for jobs – it’s easier than you expect!

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