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I Hate My Job, What Should I Do?

I hate my job

Many people come to such a conclusion at some point during their career – “I hate my job. What can I do?” According to the 2016 study by the Conference Board, which is a nonprofit research group from New York, more than half of Americans (50.4%) hate their current positions. So, if you are reading this article, you are probably not satisfied with your job as well. However, there is no need to panic as every other second another person feels your pain. Here are the best options and solutions for people who have this feeling and ways to quickly find a better job.

What to Do If I Really Hate My Job

meme I hate my jobIt can be really challenging to go to work every day if you are not satisfied with anything. What if a transfer to another department or even change in the workplace can’t solve your problem? Then you may need to change careers, professional CV and LinkedIn page may help you start the job hunt.

If you feel the need to change your life completely, there are certain steps you should do in order to move on and become happier. So many people continue working on the positions they hate. If your work environment doesn’t bring you any joy or satisfaction, what’s the point of this sacrifice? When you find the position or the company of your dreams, you will not only feel happier but also perform better at work and have better results.

Define the Problem

First, take a deep breath and try to identify the real problem behind “I hate my new job” feeling. The best tip from career experts is to write down things to like and hate about your present position. If the second part is significantly bigger, it’s now the time to define the real picture of what exactly is going wrong. The things you write in the “why do I have my job” section are aimed at helping you determine whether it’s your industry, your company, or just your current position that drives you crazy.

I hate my job

Depending on this information, you will better understand what exactly you want to change in order to avoid the same problem again. If you don’t like your colleagues, then you may want to ask for a transfer or change shifts. If the company is your problem, then you may need to start the new job searching process. And if you are annoyed with almost everything that’s connected with your everyday duties, then you need an industry change.

I Hate My Job What Can I Do?

When you know you want to quit your job the main thing is to keep this information to yourself. You can share only with your close friends or family members that may help. Otherwise, avoid telling about your thoughts online and on social media. Remember that not only your coworkers use social networks, but also employers. Your twits may come in Google search so be careful with what you tell your followers.

I Really Hate My Job

You may need references on your CV so keep in touch with those who may be helpful and provide some for your new job searching process. But if you broadcast the information about “I hate my job so much”, it is likely that the wrong people may come across it and share your complaints with your recruiters or supervisors.

Start the Job Hunt Wisely

Now that you understand where you are and where you would like to be, it’s time to get ready for the new job searching process. You may need to write a compelling cover letter and a persuasive CV or resume. Don’t use your old application document especially if you are willing to switch career or industry. Rely on professional help of CV and cover letter writing services as they hire certified authors who specialize in creating impressive application documents for each position.

Also, it’s a great time to update your LinkedIn profile and begin networking. Don’t quit your present job until you find a better place to go. Otherwise, you may not be eligible for unemployment and face a difficult financial situation. This “I hate my job meme” is a wonderful example of how depressing a job can be. Build your network, talk to people and use job search platforms to land a decent career and find a company that will satisfy you.

Your future career depends on you so make a step ahead towards the position of your dreams. Be brave to change your life for the better until it’s too late.

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