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How to Write and Post a LinkedIn Recommendation?

LinkedIn Recommendation

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation may seem to be a challenging task for someone who is doing this for the first time. A good LinkedIn recommendation should reflect the employee’s skills and be proof of his suitability for the position.

Another problem is should a person who is writing a LinkedIn recommendation keep it short or describe every amazing skill? Don’t worry. If you have been asked to write a LinkedIn recommendation, take a look at the short guide on how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn to help your colleague stand out from the competition.

And if you are facing difficulties in crafting a killing LinkedIn profile, you can ask for help from one of the talented and experienced LinkedIn profile writers.

#1 Start With a Powerful Statement

A great tip on how to write a LinkedIn recommendation is to start the recommendation with an impressive hook. It helps to grab the reader’s attention and make him continue reading. This opening line of the LinkedIn recommendation should also summarize the whole recommendation without disclosing the key information.

One of the LinkedIn recommendation examples of initial statements might sound the following way:

initial statements

#2 Describe Your Relationship

Before recommending anyone, you need to explain the nature of your professional relationship. It works as an introduction for a LinkedIn recommendation. To ensure the reader you are qualified to give the recommendation, specify whether it is a coworker, a team manager, director or someone else.

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation, make sure you have included the position or role, title of the company you worked for with person as well as the length of duration of your working relationship. There is no need to provide the reader with all the details but it is crucial to let the reader see that you are qualified for making such recommendations.

To increase recommendee’s chances to get a job, be sure to write a recommendation in a positive manner. Positive expressions and phrases to include in this part of the LinkedIn recommendation may be “masterly performed”, “easy to work with”, “my highest recommendation” and “excellent projects” and so on.


#3 Add a Touch of Personality

If you have been asked to recommend someone, one can conclude that you know this person enough to share your opinion. Every person is unique but what matters in the LinkedIn recommendation is whether he or she is smart, organized and easy to work with.

This is the main part of your LinkedIn recommendation where you can describe what makes this person the best candidate for the position.

Despite the best intentions, lines like “Bob is the best” bring no valuable information as they don’t reflect any personal traits or skills of the colleague you are recommending. If you want to reveal the details about what makes a person a great worker, write something like “an experienced programmer” or “a reliable team manager”.

A tip on how to give a recommendation on LinkedIn is to avoid using ultimate superlatives and general phrases like “one of the best employees” on every profile page which makes the recommendation cluttered. Even if this person was really the best employee in the company, provide only relevant information to keep the recommendation concise.

Try to choose the right words and phrases to highlight the person’s exact characteristics. Fortunately, there are many ways to describe a worker’s personality, for example:

Touch of Personality


#4 Describe Values and Strengths

You might agree that being simply an experienced professional does not guarantee to get a job. In the present day world, every worker has to know how to manage his own affairs and promote himself to climb the career ladder.

Let’s face the truth. Nobody wants to work with someone who is horrible to work with. So, if you are recommending your past colleague, give an understanding of what kind of person he or she is, share some details about his or her personality. There probably is anything that makes the recommendee stand out from the crowd.

Everyone can boast about something, for example, managing clients, arranging great staff meetings, motivating people, preparing tasty coffee, playing soccer, and so on. So, don’t be shy and include in the LinkedIn recommendation all the possible strengths of the recommendee.

Fortunately, there are many ways to describe a worker’s talent, for example:

worker’s talent

#5 End With a Solid Recommendation

Finish writing a LinkedIn recommendation with one or two sentences that serve a final statement about how great it would be to have such a worker in any team.

If you have no experience or time on writing a recommendation, you can try using an online LinkedIn recommendation generator to get your LinkedIn recommendation written within a few minutes.

Solid Recommendation

Post a Recommendation on LinkedIn

If you are wondering how to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn, you can do it in your profile. The button “Request a Recommendation” allows easy connection with your colleagues via LinkedIn. Now, when you know how to request a recommendation on LinkedIn. And you might need to learn how to post it on the platform.

By the way, if you are applying for a job, you might need to write the perfect LinkedIn headline for your profile to be noticed by employers.

Step1: Find the profile of your recommendee.

Step 2: Click the “More” icon beside the Message and click a “Recommend” button.

More icon linkedin

Step 3: Select the right options from the dropdown lists as shown below.

Select the right options

Step 4: Paste your recommendation in the message field.

Paste recommendation linkedin


LinkedIn is a powerful social media and you should use it effectively to get more benefits. A LinkedIn recommendation may be extremely helpful in getting a job. If an employer gets a LinkedIn recommendation from a respected professional, it enhances the chances of getting hired. But when it comes to recommending someone, it may seem challenging. Hope you found these tips helpful. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below.

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