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Is My Cover Letter Too Long?

Cover Letter Too Long

A cover letter has become a significant part of the application process. It goes together with the resume and helps to highlight the most essential information about the job candidate. Every applicant needs to include this document in their application process as it certainly helps to boost your chances of getting hired.

However, not all of the applicants know how long should a cover letter be. If you write a cover letter that is too short you will be considered an applicant who doesn’t care much about landing a good job. If your cover letter is too long potential recruiters may think you are unfocused. Here is professional advice on how to define the perfect length of your cover letter UK and the best ways to achieve that.

Do You Really Need a Cover Letter?

Some people doubt whether they really need to include a cover letter in their job application. Isn’t it enough to submit a resume and leave the most delicious parts for the job interview? The reality is that you should include a compelling cover letter as well because it can increase your chances of getting noticed. Only if you’ve read the job posting you can see if this particular recruiter requires a cover letter or not.

According to the recent survey by CareerBuilder, over 40% of HR managers suggest that including a cover letter may boost the job searching process and help to find a decent position faster. At the same time, a Robert Half research says that whopping 90% of employers want to see a cover letter. On the other hand, the study by Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation claims that only 26% of employers find this document important. The opinions may differ from company to company so make sure you check it with their job posting.

 compelling cover letter

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

Most career experts have the same opinion that a cover letter complete guide should have the information about its length so that applicants know exactly how to format this paper. Generally, you should write between half a page and a full page. There should be three to four paragraphs in total where the last paragraph is aimed at grabbing the recruiter’s attention and including the final thoughts. Here is how long should a cover letter be UK and top ways to reach this ideal length.

compelling cover letter

#1 Don’t Stress about the Word Count

How long should be a cover letter so that it’s persuasive enough? Unless you’ve found any specific information about it in the job description, don’t stress too much about the word count. You can write between 250 and 400 words or between a half page and full page. The best way is to use 12 point font with the correct margins and spacing. It’s better to concentrate on the letter’s content and what you talk about.

#2 Review Requirements in the Job Posting

The job posting includes the whole job description so that every candidate can find all the necessary information about the application as well as requirements for the documents that need to be submitted. Make sure you read it carefully and follow any certain directions and demands mentioned in it. You may also find the desired word count for the resume and cover letter or even questions that need to be answered in this paper.

#3 Don’t Make It Too Long

Remember that your cover letter shouldn’t be a copy of your resume. These two application documents are separate and should include different information. The cover letter is aimed at demonstrating the key characteristics of the job applicant and being a self-marketing tool. Divide the letter into 3 or 4 short paragraphs that can be easily read within 10 seconds or so. Don’t write too much as it may leave the HR manager not interested and bored.

#4 Use the Whitespace

If you break the letter into smaller paragraphs and add a blank line between each of them, it will be easier for recruiters to review it and find the most significant information they are searching for. Also, make 1-inch margins on the right and on the left side. The whole document will look more pleasant to read if it has some white space in it.

#5 Use Shorter Sentences

If you want to make maximum out of your cover letter, don’t forget to use shorter sentences. Concentrate each paragraph around one important idea and tell about it. Start with a strong leading sentence and finish with a final thought that will sum up the above-mentioned ideas.

All in all here is how to structure the cover letter and what length to use in order to sell yourself to potential recruiters and land the job of your dreams.

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