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Project Manager CV Writing Insight

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Project manager CV, just like any other type of resume, is an important part of job search process. The HR managers always follow the 6-second rule and use special software to scan the document before examining it closely. Sure enough, the applicant will be judged, based on his CV exactly and it is necessary to catch an attention of the employer.

An average job hunter does not have all the necessary CV writing skills and not all the job seekers turn to a professional CV writing company. Luckily, there are certain project management CV rules and tips, which are not so difficult to follow.

Inside the Project Management

A project manager organizes and supervises the project within a company and bears responsibility for ensuring that every project runs efficiently, is on budget and completed in time. Consequently, project manager Curriculum Vitae has to demonstrate as well as prove the professionality to turn planned into reality. It is necessary to show prospective employer the experience, hard and soft skills, ability to plan, organize, monitor and administrate project processes as well as compliance with the pressures. But it must be relevant and IT project manager CV, for example, has to focus on IT and programming.

There isn’t a perfect way of constructing a CV, especially in terms of different job positions and countries, but there are some nuances to consider. The project manager CV profile has to be convincing – it might be a good idea to provide with the examples of successful projects a project manager has completed.

Remember: CV is a type of the document that helps you get hired till the end of the career. Every serious career move requires a well-written document that helps market oneself and is flexible enough so that a job hunter can present the professional and personal history in the best possible light.

If you are thinking about a career switch, the article about career change CV writing will help you!

Project Manager CV: What To Start With

The most important thing when writing CV is to highlight the skills and characteristics. One should start with writing a short introduction where he discloses the aims and motivations. The project manager CV consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Achievements
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Career history
  • Skill and competencies
  • Education
  • References

But it is so easy to start repeating yourself. Here are the things you should focus on:

A project manager should have management and leadership skills and in the CV he must demonstrate the ability to plan (and predict) the events and circumstances and what methods one uses to identify the time and resources needed to complete a project.

Education has to be listed in reverse chronological order. When writing about education one should include only relevant information for each of the qualification.

Experience should be presented in reverse chronological order too.  It is advisable to focus on the most relevant (and the most recent) experience, write the responsibilities in brief and highlight what skills were used.

More Tips

Do not forget to mention the personal qualities – the understanding and approach to tasks, controlling the process, multitasking etc.

Bright colors or bizarre fonts are unacceptable – make the CV well-structured, disciplined and professional looking. Headings and bullet points will help highlight key data and make the document more professional looking.

Keep in mind: every CV should be tailored to every individual position one applies and do not give in to the temptation to praise overmuch. If you look for a project manager CV example, you will see that it is no longer than 2 A4 pages.

But remember: if you’re in need for the good and professionally written project manager CV, turn to the CVPolitan.co.uk and you won’t be frustrated!

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