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Recommendations For Waitress CV Writing

writing a waitress cv

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Many people think anyone can become a waitress without special education and unique experience. However, being a waitress implies a lot of pitfalls, and it is not surprising that workers are leaving this service sector. It is a stressful and challenging job that demands an attractive appearance, physical activity, and communicative skills.

Some special schools and courses train those who want to work in the services sector. However, not all of them teach how to correctly and competently compile a CV to attract attention. To become one step closer to realizing your dream, let’s analyze how to write a CV for a waitress competently.

Pay Attention To Those Requirements

Writing a waitress’s CV in the US and Britain is different. Therefore, if you want to work in Britain, use the Europass CV writing rules. The length of the CV should be two standard pages (for example, the US CV starts at three pages to 20 pages) and match the template. Proposals should be short, and your skills are not exaggerated. It is OK for a waitress’s CV to include some personal information (age, number of children, nationality, photo), but it could be more polite in the US. Also, could you use only American or British words in your CV?

Waitress CV WritingGeneral Rules 

The primary purpose of the server job description CV is to show your skills and experience and to boost your abilities, which will help you work as a waitress. You’ll need to convince the employer to invite you to an interview. Please ensure you can handle this task independently; otherwise, asking for help writing a CV is better.

When filling out the summary, it is essential to be concise, indicate reliable information, avoid spelling mistakes, and refrain from irony. If you check a waitress’s CV example on the Internet, you will see that it contains achievements in customer service, a good photo, and valid contact information.

CV Structure 

CV should consist of several main blocks:

  • A position you want to have – it is necessary to write a specific position – “waiter”;
  • Level of salary you are applying for;
  • Age;
  • Work experience – type your work activity in chronological order. Work experience not related to the vacancy “Waiter” is better not to include;
  • Education – it is necessary to write the beginning and the end of your studies and your specialization;
  • Courses, training – certificates will be your advantage, so write even short-lived courses;
  • Skills and abilities – foreign languages, professional skills, additional information;
  • Personal qualities.

CV Structure

Waitress CV Skills List

In the waitress job description CV, you should write down your skills and pay special attention to the CV for the duties of the waitress. Your skills must meet the requirements specified in the vacancy. If you write skills that are not necessary for this area of work, they will not be helpful and will not play in your favor.

Speed is an important skill. You should be able to serve not one table but several simultaneously. But remember to mention being calm and having a good memory, as the waitresses often have to the menu and the ingredients. Check a waitress’s CV sample – it might help you understand what skills to include in your document.

Seek help from professional yet cheap resume writers that will help you craft an effective CV. Here are great tips for writing a London CV – in case you are going to move to this city and will be working as a waitress there for the first time.

Waitress CV Skills

Work Experience and Abilities

In the “Work Experience” summary, you need to write down the CV of the waitress’s responsibilities that you carried out at the previous places of work. In this case, using verbal forms such as “met and seated guests” and “cleaned the tables” is recommended.

In the “Skills and abilities” section, you should indicate those that reflect your professionalism. For example, knowledge of various types of products, experience with multiple menu types, understanding the time frame of cooking, experience in bar equipment, and experience in serving VIP guests. Knowledge of foreign languages will be advantageous in large cities with developed tourism.

Work Experience waiter cv

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