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How To Write an Outstanding Europass CV

europass cv writing

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In order to gain an advantage over other applicants, many employees have been composing CVs that are both accepted in the US and in the country members of the EU. You have to know that methods that Americans are using to write their CVs are also justifiable by the EU. In order to beat the competition, it’s highly advisable to stick to Europass CV writing rules. If not, you might need online CV editing help of professionals.

About Europass

Europass is defined by the five documents: Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV), Europass Language Passport, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Diploma Supplement, and Europass Mobility. Keep reading and find out what differentiates the Europass CV, how many pages should a CV be and what is the Europass CV format.

Listing the Skills

It goes without saying that all of the skills you put in the Europass CV have to be relevant to the job description you are after. CV Europass is required to present the skills in the logical order while also being validated by the job experience later in the document.

Attention to Detail

Take a close look at the model CV Europass and compare it with yours in order to check for the spelling mistakes and errors that might cost you the job.

Traditional Length of the Europass CV

When writing the Europass CV English speaking employees have to mind the length of the document. If the job description does not require you to send 1 page, write a conventional two-page CV.

A two-page CV Europass is a document recognized all over the world. Sometimes when composing a Europass CV UK specialists would have trouble describing their field of expertise in just two pages. If you have been doing an executive job before, you are allowed to include any relevant details that depict your previous job responsibilities and accomplishments in more than two pages. Remember about this opportunity to present yourself to the employer because the information you put will determine whether you get good wages.

Here is more information on how many pages a CV should be.

Tailoring the CV

Always check for the job specifications and adjust your CV to them. Find out more about drawing up a CV Europass online and use the power words to validate your credentials and assure the employer that you are a good hire for the company.

The Europass CV Format

The Europass CV format states the four necessary sections:

  1. Personal Information;
  2. Working experience;
  3. Training and Education;
  4. Skills and Competencies.

Also, familiarize yourself with the Decision No 2241/2004/EC about the Europass CV formatting and make sure your CV is written appropriately. Go through the following checklist:

  • Print your Europass CV on the white paper.
  • Make the sentences short. Don’t abbreviate the job titles, though.
  • Focus on the significant points of your previous training and career development.
  • Provided there are any gaps in education or job history, explain them.
  • Never overstate your duties or attainments. Your background will be thoroughly checked.
  • Run your CV by your former colleagues or a career advisor for further editing and polishing.

Filling out the Europass CV Online

There is a possibility to fill out your Europass CV online on the company’s website immediately. In this case, the double check for any kinds of errors should be more than obligatory.

There will be a form presented online where you will fill out all the traditional sections of the CV. You will decide what information to put or exclude. The parts that you have left blank won’t be shown in the completed version of the CV thus making it clearer and more precise.

If you have been wondering how to approach the European employers, this is your chance to create a working document valid in any member state of European Union. Download your CV Europass English template now and put it on your career map.

In case you are dreaming to build a successful career in the UAE, here are job hunting and UAE CV writing insights every job seeker must know!

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