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How to Write the Perfect Artist CV?

artist cv tips

Personalizing your job experience is the first important step on a career path. It may be tough for different specialties. You have to be short, but at the same time to embrace your skills properly. And put the accents right. Talking about artist CV – it is even more complicated, because of portfolio requirements. Comparing to resume you have to describe professional achievements and awards better, than qualifications. So, how to look great on paper, make a positive first impression and get an interview in perspective?

Don’t Ignore the Minor Details

Do you see the difference between makeup artist CV and someone’s, who uses dry brushing technique, CV? They both should contain the last projects (the most successful ones) and have at least some time of experience. But what’s more important – your career ambition must match the employer’s objective as well. So, don’t waste time, delightfully describing an educational basis (actually, this is great, if you have one!), it is time for being formal. Write down a valid email, phone, and the link to the social media page. Use the network, which highlights your best sides and shows your creative potential.

makeup artist CV

CV writing services in the UK provide generating your CV, cover letter and updated LinkedIn profile. As one of the key application documents, curriculum vitae must have a certain level of quality. When you want to meet the expectations of a job hunter, the possible option is to look for CV writers. If after several attempts you didn’t reach the recruiter’s attention, just save time and get a highly professional paper.

Stay Tight to the Plan

Any artist CV template you find on the Internet will contain several sections. According to quite a specific occupation, it may include:

  • presentations you’d participated in;
  • list of the infamous museums, where the projects are held;
  • publications, grants, and awards would be very helpful.

Every single aspect might decide if you’re getting the job or not. So, take a moment to see what artist CV examples are available online. It is one of the best options when you are applying for the first time. Don’t be embarrassed to ask friends or parents for opinion. Their proofreading will only improve the whole document. Although you can be surprised by some aspects.

Same thing with a cover letter. Less structural, but very important. Do the research about a company; address the right contact name and select the format (one of the best proved – half to a full A4 page).

cover letter example

How to Use Previous Performances?

It depends on what kind of artist you are. Concerning concept artist CV, you just list agencies, city halls, which possess the artworks. Whenever you had a contract with private collectors, don’t mention their names. Unless they are really popular in the art industry. Remember to ask for agreement also.

Another point comes when you have lots of examples to tell about. In such a case it is up to you! The best CV ideas are the ones, which show your personality. Take a look at a CV as if you were in the HR department. Think about points to underline and the ones to skip. Are you dealing with an environment artist CV? You must be an excellent visualizer! Add colors, frames, put everything in a distinctive artistic manner. The final script must be the face of his owner. That’s how to show your exclusiveness without even reading.

Do you need to prepare a 3D artist CV? Think more about the skills you gained. It is a completely different situation, so look for concrete examples. The same is with makeup artist CV. Depending on the job type, you may do fashion, wedding or airbrush makeup. Here pay attention to experience. If you just start practicing, take care of possible courses. The basic certificates will assure the employer about your skills. The amateur thing here doesn’t work so well.

creative artist cv

Do You like the Result?

There is an interesting statistics about CVs:

  • 43% of CVs are canceled because people write in a third person;
  • 52% of candidates use to lie and think it is unavoidable;
  • furthermore, 76% of CVs are ignored because of a non-professional email.

This is good information to think about. Don’t repeat someone’s mistakes. Lying before the job started is inappropriate. If you only want to “spice up” the details, be ready for consequences.

Need help with CV writing? Ask the professionals! You put in all the required information and authors with master’s degrees are working for you. By the way, such services provide cover letters and updated LinkedIn profile. But you have to try at least a few times. People are not supposed to be professional writers while creating their CVs. In fact, among hundreds of applicants, only a few get an interview. And paying doesn’t mean you’re automatically passing to the next level. So, just sit and concentrate. Maybe it’s time to update your curriculum vitae.

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