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Is Design Important in Your Resume: Best CV Ideas

Best CV Ideas

Is design important in your resume? It is extremely important. You can have a top-notch resume. But if it looks boring, you can lose your chance to get your dream job. Have you ever heard a proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover”? It means that the first impression might be totally wrong. But to be honest, the first impression sometimes plays a crucial role.

There are a lot of brilliant examples of CV design ideas. You can pick up one of them and improve your resume. Also, you can pay money and СV service will edit personal CV for you or offer own CV layout ideas. There is one more way. If you want to improve your resume on your own but you don’t know how to deal with CV ideas, we can give you several killer hints.

#1 Your Font Has to Be Readable

If your resume isn’t written with a font that looks officially or acceptable for the sphere where you want to work then your resume will look ridiculously. Far better to use one font throughout a resume.

It is a common practice to use one font for headlines and another font for the main text. Such kind of ideas come across in CV ideas UK, but as surveys show, it is quite old-fashion. There are a lot of articles about suitable fonts for resume on the internet. It is useful to check this information before writing a resume.

Pay attention to fonts on the example below. There are several types of fonts but each of them is readable.

Readable font

#2 The Margins Are Also Important

All creative CV ideas have the same rule – all margins have to be identical for all edges. It is counted that the safest choice is one-inch margins. Your personal statement ideas for CV can include quite different margins, but margins have to emphasize a text in your CV. If margins are too big a text in a CV can look like a spot or if margins are too small, a CV can lose its appeal.

Margins in Resume

#3 Sections Help Make Your CV More Laconic

Different CV profile ideas can offer different names for sections in a CV. But usual the order is:

  1. Contacts
  2. Resume objective
  3. Working experience
  4. Education, diploma, certificates, courses
  5. Skills

For CV personal profile ideas it’s better to add additional sections that will tell more information about you. It is really important to tell about your hobbies and talents. It will make your resume more tempting and help express yourself during a job interview. Recruiters like open-minded people who are creative and socially active. They even sometimes check candidates social media profiles before asking for a job interview. It helps save time.

The example of the really laconic CV:

Sections cv

#4 Make a Striking Resume Header

A striking resume header is like a business card. It has to grab attention. It is needed especially when you want to get back into work after long term unemployment. As usual, a resume header includes a full name, professional title, your email, phone number, and other contacts. Also, you can add a personal website link or a link on your LinkedIn profile. The more useful information about you your resume contains the better it is.

Look at the example below. It is impossible not to notice the header.

CV Header

#5 Clear Headlines

If headlines in your resume stand out from the rest of the text, it makes your resume eye-catching. It is perfect when headlines are slightly larger than the body of your resume. It also makes your resume more readable.

Clear Headlines

#6 Use the Space Smartly Is an Excellent Idea

Every single day recruiters review tones of resumes. It is important to have a CV not crammed with a lot of not needed information. It’s good to separate sections in your resume and left some space between them. Also, line spacing is important. For writing a CV is suitable 1.15 or 1.5.

Use the Space in CV

#7 PDF Format Is the Best for Saving a Resume

PDF format helps save your resume layout intact. Another benefit is that this format is supported by all operating systems.

If you have a graphic resume design then PDF format is a safer choice than JPG, because PDF files don’t distort a text.

There are only several tips about writing top-notch resumes. Maybe you also have own tricks and secrets, tell about them in comments. First of all, you have to remember that a resume is the first step to your new career. Every sphere can have own resume standards and it is needed to know about them before applying. Writing a resume is a great experience that can help you express yourself better. But if you feel that you don’t have a knack for resume writing, there is a massive amount of services on the internet that are ready to help you.

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