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Online Resume vs Paper Resume

writing a cv online

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In the modern world, it is crucial to use all of the tools to succeed in job hunting. That’s why an online resume is as much important as the paper one. But should you send an online document and take a printed one to the interview?

Find out the difference between the paper and digital document and how to better your chances of getting hired below.

Traditional Resumes

Traditional CVs are the old timers of the business world. They have been changing and developing just like the biggest industries have done. It is customary to write an approximately two-page document with a brief description of your hard skills, achievements and work experience.

Do you want to know how many pages a CV should be? We can tell everything about the length of the CV.


Traditional CVs are most valued by conventional companies with great morals. For example, law companies and governmental jobs require a paper one rather than an online CV. Paper CV do a better job presenting your competence. Since a recruiter spends no more than 7 seconds reviewing one resume, it will be much easier for him to perceive information on the sheet of paper.

Many also argue that paper is the best way to present any additional documents required to validate your credentials. You can print out as many copies as necessary and manage them in an orderly fashion.


Creative industries have no interest in the paper documents. A CV online is better perceived by the modern and fast-developing companies. They also value a creative approach which determines whether you have the right skills for the job. If you don’t provide a digital document, the hirer would probably think that you don’t have enough skills to create a CV online, hence not suitable for the job. And the traditional CV is not the best option for the graphic designers, who must send the digital copies of their application documents.

Paper CVs have a bigger chance of containing grammar or spelling mistakes. Only one mistake of any kind will make the hirer throw the CV away. And once the paper CV is printed there’s no turning back. Better make a CV online and edit it until it’s polished.

Online CVs


The CV online English written presents much more opportunities before the job applicant. You can either make CV online or design an infographic resume, even a personal website can be considered as a resume. Since online CVs have an excess of graphics information, they look better on screen. In addition, they are mobile friendly and you can email a CV.

Online resumes make it possible to use online tools and apps. Whether you choose a paid or free service online, you get professional assistance. If you turn to professionals and ask to write a CV, you will get an online copy of the edited and tailored documents. Also, worries about the spelling or grammar mistakes melt if you choose to write a CV online.

Online CVs are must-have for creative jobs, like a web designer or an IT specialist. Seize this opportunity to show your creative skills and design your resume to stand out from the other. Applying for IT jobs with an online CV will help display your best features as a professional. However, an Estate agent CV will benefit from some online adjustments as well.

Online CVs give more space for self-expression. A classic paper resume should be no more than two pages long. This means you have to squeeze your entire working history in one document. The online resume doesn’t any limits regarding information on the CV as well as additional documents, provided they are relevant to the targeted job.

Since it takes only 200 seconds for the hirer to receive a resume once the job opening has been posted, you simply must send it fast. This fact only outweighs the pros of the traditional resume.


Most of the companies use ATS checker to sort out through the resumes and choose the one with relevant keywords. The thing is some applicants tend to overcompensate the resume with imaginative fonts and unique design making it hard for the ATS checker to recognize information. With the average of 250 CVs received for every job position, yours will be probably tossed away unless it passes the ATS.

The Winning Option

If you already have your CV online UK ready, print a paper copy to be sure. Some companies consider creative furnishing of the resume as unnecessary. Always check the specifications for the job and find out what type of resume they expect.

Don’t overwork your resume with your creative visions unless you are applying for the job where it’s appropriate.

If you are sure that the visual CV will win you the job, draw it up carefully. Make it look professional. 88 job candidates out of 100 get rejected if they attach their photo in the CV.

Never Hesitate to Ask For Help

If you don’t have a career coach on your side, have a friend or a former colleague to read your resume. Looking at it from a different angle will put things in a perspective and will help create the perfect CV.

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