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How to Write CV Introduction

write CV introduction

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According to the studies by the New College of the Humanities (London), 1 out of 5 recruiters will reject a candidate before reading to the end of their resume or CV. There is no need to emphasize how important those opening sections of the CV are.

A good CV introduction must reflect your level of competence and enthusiasm to work for the new company. Make no mistake, this is the first impression that you make on the employer and will be judged by. See below how to write the perfect CV introduction.

What Introduction to Write

First of all, there are several options of how one can open a CV. There is a personal statement, career objectives, and resume (CV) profile. Study the job opening description closely to see what is expected on the CV. Learn what information to include in each one and decide what section will be in your document.

  • Career objectives are to state your desired job or field, and what you hope to accomplish in that field.
  • Personal profile consists of the brief overview of your skills, experiences, and professional goals. Read how to write a personal profile for CV in our well-researched article!
  • A personal statement is designed to show off your achievements which will indicate the benefit you can bring to the company. This section also describes your passion to start contributing to the job position you are after.

A proper introduction to CV may be one of the above sections, not all at once. On the other hand, without an introduction CV looks impersonal and lukewarm. But expert CV writers recommend: whatever CV introduction you choose to write make it clear and precise.

Top Tips to Write an Introduction to CV

  • Make it not too long (two-three sentences, up to 50 words).
  • Write a short preview of your professional self. State your field of expertise specifically.
  • Write about your top priority professional goals.
  • Include information about your biggest achievements and relevant experience.
  • State what job opening you are hoping to occupy and the goals you want to meet there.
  • Don’t ever write generalized phrases, cliché abilities, and vague objectives use appropriate CV keywords only.

How to Write a CV introduction

Look at the following CV introduction examples to see how to write a winning one.

  • “I am an energetic and ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task I undertake.”

Although this example contains power worlds like mature and undertake, it gives the recruiter no clue of what the employee’s strong suit is.

  • “IT executive with proven success innovating state-of-the-art solutions on time and under budget.”

An opening line of the executive profile. A little vague, but sets a strong and powerful tone of the rest of the CV.

  • ”Caring, compassionate Registered Nurse with 7 years’ experience in private practice, hospitals, and hospice environments.”

This employee focuses on the indicative nurse’s skills while emphasizing the great experience in various conditions.

  • “Led a team that successfully used social media, phone banking, and event organizing to boost newspaper readership by 60% over three years.”

This public relations expert has highlighted his top achievement while proving his competence and showing great potential.

  • “My passion for technology is contagious; as I share the benefits of innovative products with customers and instruct them on usage, a sale is almost inevitable.”

The client service specialist here has slightly crossed a line with an informal choice of words, however, intrigued the hiring manager and motivated to read the whole CV.

“In a nutshell” – this should be the motto for every job-seeking employee when writing a CV introduction. Having written it appropriately you may show another soft skill such as laconism, making it easy for the hirer to scan through your resume and asses you. Always check with the CV introduction example for the right choice of keywords and action words. Make your CV introduction neat and meaningful.

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