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CV IT: Skills You Need to Write About

write skills in IT CV

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You may boast with the extraordinary technical skills, but how to show them off in your CV if you lack the writing abilities? Find out how to present your technical skills right and win the interview with the help of top CV editors.

The ATS checker will scan the CV for technical skills firsthand, so make sure the CV is ATS-friendly. Then, if your CV doesn’t lack the relevant abilities, it will come to the hiring manager who will scan the skills manually. Naturally, the task to please both the system and the hirer seems to be daunting. However, there are ways to make your IT skills stand out in the CV. Let’s find them out!

How to List IT Skills On CV

The most important thing is to stay relevant and truthful when working on your IT CV. One way to present your IT skills in CV is to put them in a list. Some people also add the rating, i.e. to which level they are competent in the technical field. The key is not to overpitch the skills. There is even an example when the candidate put “intermediate” next to a definite computer skill but failed to identify the notion when asked about it during the interview. Remember that you are to be put through various checks before and on the interview, so keep it real.

Apart from putting IT skills on CV in a list, be sure to validate them with years of field experience and achievements made. Hirer needs to know how well you operate the skills, so give them examples of how you applied your abilities and what results you have achieved. If you have bettered the department’s work on your previous job or made some breakthrough using your IT skills, put this info to both prove your competence and interest the hirer.

Create a list of IT skills to put on CV and run them through the following checklist:

  • Get rid of the non-current skills;
  • Delete the skills irrelevant to the target job position;
  • Better list the skills in categories like operating systems, networks and programming tools;
  • Specify the skills in accordance with the job objectives;
  • Refresh your skills and learn new ones but don’t specify them if you have no relevant experience.
  • Make sure you use the proper keywords in CV.

CV Layout

When deciding on the place in the CV to put the skills in, think of CV objective. Most commonly ‘Skills section’ is put after the job objectives and before experience section. Recent graduates, however, wanting to emphasize their education more put it before the skills. Depending on the job vacancy you are after, you may put the IT skills at the bottom of the CV with the additional skills.

To find out more about the proper structure of the CV, read the post about sections in CV.

There are two common ways to list the IT skills – the list and the paragraph format. The paragraph format is widely used and easier to write. However, the list format, written in columns, makes it easier and faster for the hirer to overview the technical skills. If you look at the IT skills CV example, you may also find the lists of technical skills backed up by the number of years’ experience and competence level to give the hirer more detail.

Composing the CV should be the step one of your career game plan. Your inspiring IT skills may help you draw up a creative CV for the skills to speak for themselves. However, always check the job specifications to know what technical skills are in demand for one particular job vacancy.

Search for the lists of computer skills online, update yours and learn some new ones. Know where and how to list the technical skills and gain the advantage over other applicants.

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