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How to Prepare for a Job Interview Presentation

presentation for job interview

A presentation for job interview is usually used to test applicants who have passed the initial selection. So, you should take a serious approach to its preparation to grab the chance you have been given.

The main concept of the task is to combine your professional, creative and performance skills and deliver the clear message that you’re the best candidate for the job.

If you’ve never dealt with this kind of verification by an employer the search for job interview presentation ideas can be baffling. But don’t lose the self-confidence that helped you to get to this stage. Stick to the following tips to avoid struggling with the execution.

Inquire and Adhere to the Job Interview Presentation Regulations

Don’t rush to your PC as soon as you’ve heard the task title. Now you have enough data either to perform it or to look for job interview presentation examples. A hiring committee usually sets a particular goal that should be achieved within certain terms.

They imply content and duration conditions that you should treat as obligatory guidelines, not friendly advice or rules that are expected to be broken. But it doesn’t mean that you should just pick one pattern from job interview presentation samples with the required framework and add some specifics.

Sure, you can go through them to gain some inspiration, but get your job done from scratch. A similar approach implies to the job application documents – you can take a sample, but it is better to turn to professional CV writing service UK to get a personalized and polished paper.

You should also take into account the expected audience considering their qualification and technical side of the question – what devices will be available for the application: a laptop, a projector, their models?

Resolve the Objective Properly

No one expects you to waffle about the regular interview stuff employing visual aids. It’s an opportunity to widen the ranges in the laconic form. As Napoleon Hill said:

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

Your statement should be structured and powered by appropriate slides. The balance between time and the amount and quality of the delivered information is a key to the successful task implementation.

Don’t overvalue the fact that the assignment includes a visual part, though. The word on the Internet is that PowerPoint presentation for job interview is an obsolete solution. But if it’s your only mastered tool don’t waste time learning a new one. Create the best you can with the proven instrument.

Job interview presentation topics are common. The challenge is to find the new angles and ways to discuss them. To build the speech basis review and combine the given data about the position your applying for, the regulations you should stick to and your advantages and achievements.

Practice and Take Precautions

Even if you’re a master of improvisation it’s not an appropriate time to show your talent. No matter how short the performance is, few rehearsals are the necessity. This way you’ll be able to polish the rough edges and ensure that you’ve completed exactly, for instance, 10 minute presentation for job interview.

The best option is to find the person who can substitute an audience for you and supply with objective critics. You shouldn’t be familiar with the presented materials. You should know them to be able to maintain the visual contact with the committee and not your notes.

Since on this occasion you depend on equipment that will be supplied by the other party you should know how to deal with it. Additionally, you should minimize the chance that your presentation will remain unused. Better be overly cautious and copy it not only to your flash drive but also cloud storage, send it to your e-mail and even print it.

When you’re done with the main part ensure the corresponding beginning and successful ending. Dress appropriately, come in advance and get yourself together. Self-esteem is one of the features that distinguishes professionals.

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During the presentation control your body language, facial expressions, and your speech speed not to spoil the impression that has got you here and fail the message delivery. Keep the affable attitude, avoid monotony and don’t mumble.

Be aware that your job interview presentation might be followed up by the additional questions. Spend some preparation time to predict them and plan the answers. To cover every issue within time-limited conditions is impossible. That’s why treat follow-ups as the opportunity to double your chances.

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