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Job Search Wales – How to Get Employed

job search in Wales

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

One of the most challenging things about losing a job is the need to apply for a new one. On the other hand, it might become a new chapter with better opportunities and career options. Take this opportunity in order to try something new and don’t be afraid to make a step ahead. This guide on job search Wales is aimed at showing the job seekers how to make their job hunting process successful and finally land their dream position.

Job Search in Wales and Statistics

Speaking about the industries with the highest employment rates, the applicants should consider education and health sector, public administration, forestry, and the fishing sector as well as agriculture.

An annual report published by the Welsh government on their website demonstrates that in 2016 workplace employment in Wales was 1.404 million. Сompared with earlier years it was the highest level for this part of Great Britain.

In other words, employment keeps on rising in Wales and across the UK. This year your Wales job search is definitely going to be successful as 6,000 more people have just entered the workforce in this part of the country.

Alun Cairns, the Secretary of State for Wales, mentioned in April that rising levels of employment showcase that Wales is open for business and its unemployment rate is lower than last year.

Here you can also read on how to create a LinkedIn business page to strengthen the online presence of the company.

The Job Market and Available Jobs in Wales

job search in Wales

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Currently, Great Britain has the third largest economy among European countries. Economic growth is focused in London and Wales. Job search South Wales as well as job search North Wales are expected to bring more career options and openings for the job seekers. So, what do you need to land a decent position these days? First of all, you need a CV. You can write it on your own or save your time and take advantage of the expert CV writing assistance offered on the website. Your English must be great and speaking a second language will give you an advantage. In case you need a work permit, job search Wales UK may be a bit more difficult but you can still find part-time or casual jobs.

Such professionals as engineers, scientists, IT specialists, medical practitioners, chefs, musicians, and science teachers will easily find a decent job as these jobs are in short supply in the country. If English is not your native language but you know it well, you will have to prove your language proficiency in order to get a visa and work permit.

Create an Impressive CV for Careers Wales Job Search

Once you’ve chosen the industry you want to work it’s time to apply for multiple jobs. Have you polished your CV yet? If not, make sure you tailor your application document to a specific position and industry. A great option is to turn to a professional writing company and hire an expert to write your London CV or Wales CV.

Also, don’t forget to clear up your social media profiles and create a LinkedIn page where you can network and search for more career options as well as apply for jobs online.

There are various options where to look for new jobs. Some people prefer searching online, while others prefer turning to newspapers and recruitment agencies. For instance, you may use gov.uk website, JobCentreOnline website, or Recruitment and Employment Confederation directory for thousands of job listings all over Great Britain.

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