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Lawyer CV Rules to Get a Prestigious Job

Lawyer CV Rules

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Having a perfectly written and proofread application document is significant for landing a decent job in any industry but especially in the field of law. Submitting a lawyer CV, you are expected to be familiar with the best way to market yourself to the recruiter and have utter attention to details. Thus, here are the best tips from experts on how to create a perfect lawyer CV sample to stand out and win the job interview with your dream company.

Keep Your Corporate Lawyer CV Short

The first tip from experts on how to write your application document is to keep it short. Whether you are an experienced professional in the legal industry or a recent grad, make your paper concise and up-to-date with only necessary and relevant information. Niki Zotou, a manager of the legal division at Robert Walters, mentioned in her interview, “Applicants may want to include extra materials in their CVs, such as their published work or representative cases. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you will outshine other candidates. Don’t send excess materials to the HR managers – save everything else for the job interview.”

Make Your CV For Lawyer Honest

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that boasting with unreal work experience in outstanding cv writing or telling lies on your application document will be revealed by HR managers sooner or later. According to CareerBuilder, over 75% of HR managers have revealed a lie on a CV. Never exaggerate your skills or experience. Even if you are a recent graduate of a law school, go ahead and tell about your internships, volunteer work in the legal industry or clerk position you’ve already had. Anything you’ve achieved so far can be beneficial in your attempt to grab the attention of the prospective employer and support your application for lawyer jobs.

Enumerate Your Educational Accomplishments

If you have a look at any lawyer CV template online, you will probably notice that the information about the education is mentioned in the reverse chronological order. Here you should mention your degrees, the schools or universities you’ve attended, as well as extra accomplishments (scholarships, internships, etc.) Take into account that almost every law firm and legal department will make a background check on all the applicants, so never tell lies or embellish the facts about your educational achievements.

Don’t Include Too Many Personal Details

A reputable CV lawyer should tell all the necessary and relevant information about the candidate and should never include too many personal details. The most common mistake of many attorneys and other specialists in the law field is to mention the information about their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, health problems, and/or political affiliations. Sort off the things you put on your sample CV lawyer and present yourself as a reliable and professional candidate for a legal position.

 Do you want to know how many pages a CV should be? We can tell everything about the length of the CV. 

Format the Work Experience Section

The majority of lawyers stick to one or two CV formats when creating their application documents. Choosing a chronological type of CV will be a great idea for experienced candidates who have something to tell to potential recruiters. Use bullet points for this section of your lawyer CV example and include several points for each position you’ve held. Even if you want to switch to the legal industry and don’t have relevant work experience, you may list the transferrable skills that will market you as a valuable candidate.

Follow these tips and make your lawyer CV a professional marketing material that will help you land your dream job in the legal field.

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