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Millennial Job Interview: Primary Tips and Tricks

millennial job interviewAlmost 45 percent of millennials are remarkably confident about their career position and are sure to find a new job quickly in case of losing the current one. The ambitious generation, don’t you think?

Such statistics are not a surprise, because the millennials feel very positive about their skills, and are pretty fearless in front of the employers. They are confident and some of them order job applications from professional CV writers to get invited for an interview.

And there is a question. How to perform a millennial job interview?

The Main Issue

Interviewing a millennial is considered to be a difficult thing, because of the millennials themselves. For example, a particular part of them thinks it is okay to text or to respond the calls during being interviewed. Well, that is rude. Unfortunately, it happens often and employers are not always ready for it.

So, what are the methods of interviewing the millennial? What questions to ask? What to pay the prior attention to? How to know what kind of person is sitting next to you?

Why Do Millennials Need Special Treatment to Be Hired?

Actually, the millennials are young people, who are defined as the most fast-growing and progressive generation. They differ from the older and younger workers in some aspects:

  • 74 percent of millennials require having a flexible work schedule. A lot of them, for example, think it is okay to be late for work, or leave earlier.  That is why the employer should establish the time frames and warn the applicant that the contrary behavior is a potential problem.
  • At the same time, more than a half of millennials claim that they choose self-development and career opportunities as the decisive factor. Some of them even do not care about the salary as much as about getting new skills and knowledge. That is impressive!

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The Questions to Ask

What information do you need to clarify while having a job interview with a millennial?

First of all, it must be a list of topics concerning skills, knowledge, degree, and experience. Besides those, here are some questions to find out.

  1. Have you ever been forced to wear a uniform or cover tattoos? Have you been demanded to comply with a strict timetable? According to an answer, you can know if the person struggles to fit in the particular demands. If such circumstances you can hope the millennial is likely to stay in the position for a longer period.
  2. What kind of relationship would you like to have with your chief? The major part of millennials expects to have more informal communication with the colleagues and even the supervisors. So, if the person has never had a formal work relationship, it will be quite difficult to ask him to behave the other way around.
  3. What do you find more efficient: talk in person, chat, or call? 41 percent of millennials prefer chatting with people rather than talking face-to-face. They also like to chat more than call on the phone – they will never call someone without a previous text message. The answer will also tell you about the communication skills and the ability to leave the comfort zone.

When you conduct a millennial job interview, forget about the candidate’s age and status. Have a conversation, which can probably bring you a valuable employee to the team. Of course, the negative attitude from the millennial is unacceptable. So, do not pressure yourself to do business with such people.

A millennial job interview presentation will turn into a real mess if you treat the person with prejudice. Many of the twenty-somethings are smart and active. After all, each person demands a personal approach.

Why do not you try to speak a common language with millennials?

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