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How to Write a CV for Part Time Job

CV part time job

If you are a graduate hoping to make money from working a part-time job, you still need to prepare an application. The truth is most of the students who have just finished college or university experience depression from being jobless.

If you are unemployed, you don’t know where to use your skills and knowledge. So, you are looking at least for a part-time job to temporarily work and secure your well-being. A present-day tight job market has high requirements for the workers. Today, we are going to talk about how to tailor your CV for a part-time job so that you could find a suitable position even with no working experience.

What Is Part-Time Work?

Part-time work is sometimes considered unprestigious as it doesn’t offer a possibility to make a lot of money. However, many employers appreciate the flexibility of the schedule it can offer. Besides, some employers do not always need full-time workers as some roles imply a smaller scope of duties.

In general, a part-time work refers to the work schedule. Any job actually can be done on a part-time schedule including high-paying and professional positions. They may be a manager, accountant, attorney, non-profit leader, nurse, teacher, software programmer and other.

Even if you don’t have years of work experience, you may still have the reasons for applying not for a full-time but a part-time or temporary job. Such reasons usually depend on the applicant’s personal situation. The most common one is a possibility to simultaneously pursue a few projects (studies, voluntary job, hobbies and other). Or perhaps you are dreaming to work with professional workers for some company with a great reputation.

You may also want to develop interesting products or services, certain skills. Or want a position with fewer hours to have a good work-life balance or get motivated to start your own business. The reasons may be endless. You just need to show your employer that you understand the scope and limitations of the position and that it still fits you.

Before you write a CV online to apply for a part-time position, define your work goals. It is highly important for an applicant to know what job he is planning to do. The thing is not all the positions advertised on the websites for job seekers are part-time. First, determine what kind of work you are ready to do, then identify the companies that would possibly like to use your services.

If the positions you prefer are full-time, you might need to contact the employers. You will need to discuss in detail your working schedule. Be ready that you will need to explain to the potential employer the reason why you cannot do a full-time job. For example, you might have other responsibilities like studying, caretaking, voluntary activities, etc.

CV for Part Time Job

Basic Rules For Writing a CV For a Part-Time Job

No matter what industry you are in, there are many part-time jobs that do not require any work experience. Some jobs like cashier, car washer don’t imply sophisticated duties. So, if you know how to effectively tailor your job application, you can easily find a perfect part-time position. It is important to know what information you need to include in the application and how to arrange formatting and employment history in your CV.

The first tip on how to write a CV for part time job clarify from the beginning that you are looking for a part-time job. However, you should not necessarily specify the exact hours you are able to work. Such nuances can be negotiated during the job interview.

When talking about a job interview, you should not show your fears. The most common fear is that you will not receive the benefits because you are going to work part-time. It is true that some employers cut all the benefits to part-time employees.

However, other employers offer the full package of benefits according to the working hours. If you do care about particular benefits, you should better identify which ones are the most important to you. In case, your part-time employer does not offer any benefits to you, try to negotiate a salary increase.

Despite the role, a CV for students part-time jobs must be relevant. Once, you determined your goals, you can take a look at the job offers and their descriptions. In every particular case, you need to identify which skills and experience are the most relevant for the advertised job. For instance, if you apply for a manager position, you need to possess strong communication skills. A tip here is to turn this attribute into a broad section and give all the possible examples you have.

Given the fact that most of the students have little or no working experience, they need to maximize it in the work history section. Another important section is education. Your degree or area of expertise may have nothing to do with the prospective part-time job. But you still are advised to include them at the end of your resume. Many employers would better appreciate a worker with no work experience rather than a person with no education.

One more tip on how to write a CV for a first part-time job is concerned with a cover letter. Just don’t forget to include it in your CV. Besides making an overview of what you can bring to the table, it is important to explain why you are interested in a particular position.

Employers want to be sure that they can build a long-term relationship with their workers. They do not want to hire someone who is applying just to fill the gap between spring and autumn semesters. So, you need to show that you are a reliable worker in your cover letter.

Suggested Layout Of the CV for a Part-Time Job

Your resume combined with the cover letter is the business card given to the employer to assure him that you are the best fit for the position. When looking at a CV template for a part-time job, you will probably notice that it has a standard structure and consists of certain sections. They include:

  • personal details
  • professional statement
  • qualifications and skills
  • work experience
  • references
  • education
  • interests and other activities.

A resume should be precise and provide information about the employee in short sentences. If you have no experience in writing a CV, you can ask for help from the professional CV writing UK. So, what exactly and in what order do you include in your resume?

1. Personal Details

The first section of your CV should provide your personal details. It should always be on top of your resume. You need to include your name and surname and contact details like address, phone number, e-mail address. Such detail as date and place of birth, marital status are not mandatory. You can provide this information in your LinkedIn profile and add a link to it in the CV.

CV for a Part-Time Job

2. Professional Statement

The second section should be not as brief as the first one though quite concise. The professional statement provides a summary explaining your work experience. These achievements must be relevant to the specific job position. In this section, one must address the key requirements of the role. Similar to the cover letter, the professional statement section should answer 3 basic questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What do you want to achieve in your career?

Make sure you relate your achievements in the previous jobs with your potential role.

3. Qualifications and Skills

This section is highly important for those applicants who don’t possess any relevant work experience. It consists of two parts: degrees earned from school and skills obtained in practice. In this section, you are expected to demonstrate abilities related to the position you are applying for.

Here, you can also mention soft or hard skills that you would like to strengthen working a part-time job. For instance, stress resistance, problem-solving, communication skills and other. If you can add a few examples of particular skills and choose the right keywords, you will increase your chances of getting a part-time job. Remember to include in your CV information about knowledge of languages. Computer skills are highly important nowadays as well.

Also, specify the level of language fluency (for writing and oral skills): fluent, intermediate, basic. Note the level of computer proficiency as well as programs, applications, the software you can work in.

skills in part time cv

4. Work Experience

You may find the qualifications and skills section unimportant. So, you can cover your relevant skills in the employment history section. This section is perhaps the most important one. However, if you have never worked in any position, you would need to use a CV template for teenager part time job.

If you have just graduated from college or university, you probably have no employment history to speak of. But no need to panic as you can simply leave this section out. In such a case, you need to place an emphasis on your skills and qualifications.

Notice that you don’t have to include in the work experience section every single position you occupied. Highlight only the most relevant ones. No matter whether these jobs were paid or voluntary, part-time or full-time.

According to a widely accepted approach, you can stick to the reverse-chronological format. List the most recent jobs first and work the way back into your employment history. Another way to represent your working experience is to group your jobs according to the key skills.

To be more specific, you must list the addresses of previous companies you worked for. Also, include job titles and dates of previous jobs as well as short job descriptions. If a lack of work experience is holding you back, then include volunteering, other part-time or temporary positions in your CV.

If you understand that a certain job is not relevant, it is probably not worth including. Rather than copy out a list of everyday responsibilities, it is better to list your accomplishments and achievements. For instance, let’s imagine that you are applying for the position of marketing manager. There is no need to include all the details about a sales assistant position you worked on in the distant past. In the description of the marketing related jobs, on the contrary,  all the skills related to this industry are highlighted.

You may feel confused about much to write about other part-time or temporary jobs on the CV. These decisions depend on how much the position is relevant to your employment history. If it is related to the job you are applying for, describe this job just as it would be a full-time position. If it is not related in any way, just include the company name, address and the dates you worked.

If you are applying for a part-time job, you may be wondering what to list on your resume. There is no exact answer to this question as everything depends on the position itself. Including prior part-time roles is even more beneficial, especially, if you have just finished a college or university. They are the primary forms of experience. No matter whether it is a part-time job as a cashier that is probably not relevant to any career.

Another question to ask yourself is whether the part-time job is related to your career goals or not. If the previous part-time job is connected with your industry and overall career, describe it fully.

It sometimes happens that your job is purely for earning money. You are not forbidden to include it on your CV but there is no need to mention that you found it specifically to make extra money.

For example, your specialty is linguistics and you have just earned a degree from the university. In summer, you worked as a bartender but you would like to apply for a part-time position of food and drink editor. The bartending work is not the most appropriate for a career in marketing, management, fashion, and other industries. However, this experience might be useful in the food industry.

If you were doing part-time work for months or years, then it surely has to be included on your CV. This trait shows you as a loyal and dependable worker which is highly appreciated in applicants.

part-time Work Experience

5. Education

This section usually comes at the end of the CV. Keep it brief including only dates, institutions, and degrees awarded. Information about your education can be more important than employment history. Begin with the most recent studies and courses you have taken.

Include also relevant degrees you have earned and other minor qualifications. There is no need to go into detail, list grades you received at college or university. If you have obtained some wider knowledge of the role, it will positively contribute to this section. Here, you need to state the name of the educational institution, diploma/degree you have obtained as well as the dates.

6. Interests and Other Activities

It is commonly believed that this section is optional. Though some interests and hobbies are able to make your resume stand out from the competition.

It is advisable to avoid including in your CV such hobbies as reading, singing, listening to music and other. They do not add any value to your application. You can include in your CV some hobbies, activities, and interests that you feel passionate enough to mention in the resume. It can be some administrative or voluntary work you have done for free.

7. References

This is the last section to include in the CV for a part-time job though it is not mandatory. If you don’t have any credible references or just are not sure about this section, you can skip this section or write: “Available upon request”. The references for your CV can be made by close family or friends, a teacher. It is better if the references are made by an employer from a previous job.

Be sure to provide your interviewer with the exact address and contact information. He is allowed to check your references if needed.

Remember to print out a few sample job applications to ask your family and friends to go through it one more time. Bring one copy with you to use it during the job interview.

Remember to print out a few sample job applications to ask your family and friends to go through it one more time. Bring one copy with you to use it during the job interview.

A Sample CV for a Part-Time Job

Below is an example CV for a part-time job without work experience that includes information on a part-time job.

Brian Anderson

4 Greenwich, New York City,

Professional Statement

I am a postgraduate student with a lot of work experience in the area of management. I am currently looking for a part-time position of a marketing manager in a company that can make use of my experience during this summer season. I am a hard-working and punctual marketing manager. I have been working in many New-York stores including a well-known Macy’s store. In addition, I was recognized as “employee of the year” for exceptional communication and leadership skills. I am experienced in solving various customer inquiries and dealing with the public.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Master’s degree in Marketing Management
  • Full US driving license
  • Fast blind typing
  • English – fluent, Spanish – intermediate, French – intermediate
  • Strong communication, problem-solving, leadership skills.

Work Experience

Marketing manager, Macy’s, New York City, 34th St.
06/2016 – present

  • Performs marketing campaigns by the departmental (retail, media, and finance) teams. The campaigns include internet marketing, tele-, e-mail marketing, webinars, PR-events
  • Analyzes market data, tendencies and trends
  • Develops the annual plans, creates marketing strategies, customer life cycle management programs
  • Leads, mentors other managers
  • Develops ideas and recommendations about marketing, CRM
  • Organizes programs aimed at attracting customers
  • Estimates marketing campaign achievements and business goals
  • Identifies potential changes
  • Establishes alerts for monitoring of websites
  • Performs various duties as assigned.


Master’s degree in Marketing Management from the State University of New York, 2013 to 2018.

Interests and Other Activities

Going to the gym, working as a volunteer at the American Red Cross, reading


Mr. John Burter
Business manager at Fujitsu
Address: 7 Green Road, New York City
Phone number: 917-346-1254
E-mail: john_burter@email.com



A resume (CV, or curriculum vitae) can help an employee to make a positive first impression on an employer. A CV reflects education, employment history, qualifications, and skills, etc. Part-time jobs are a vital part of the economy. Applying even for a part-time job you still may play an important role in your potential employer’s company. If you need to learn how to write a CV for a part-time job, you can take a look at the free CV template provided above.

If you are not sure about the structure of a good resume, what information to include in the CV, this sample will help you to stand out from the crowd. Remember to make your CV as personal s possible including only relevant work experience. So, make sure you tailor your CV as professionally as you can.

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